A New Year and a Fresh Start: Fresh Fragrances for 2021

image of  A New Year and a Fresh Start: Fresh Fragrances for 2021

2020 was a year that was difficult for so many. In 2021, we all need a fresh start. Fragrances that smell clean, fresh, and gentle, can make us feel hopeful in a new year when we can all use a little tenderness.

Amazing Grace is a fresh fragrance

 Amazing Grace by Philosophy is a light and lovely composition that evokes a fresh start. The perfume smells white and light, like newly laundered sheets drying in a gentle breeze. Notes of musk, water lily, rose and light jasmine are skillfully blended to convey an impression of delicacy.

J Lo Glow fresh fragrance

Jlo Glow: Fresh and clean is sexy. Just ask JLo, whose Glow is one of the best-selling celebrity scents of all time. Creamy sandalwood and white florals are blended with clean musks, so you can love the skin you are in.

clean cotton tee fragrance

If you ask many women what they sleep in, chances are they may say it’s their partner’s tee shirt. Clean Cotton Tee-shirt  is composed with citrus and cotton flower, with a hint of sparkly sophisticated aldehydes. Because smelling fresh doesn’t mean you have to smell like laundry soap.

Marc Jacobs Daisy oh so Fraiche

 Designer Marc Jacob’s Daisy Eau so Fraiche, is oh so easy to wear with its fruity and floral notes of sweet lychee, tart grapefruit and soft skin musk. The bottle has a topper shaped like a daisy that is bound to make you smile, even when the weather is gloomy and grey.

DKNY BE DELICIOUS fresh blossom

Green, clean and redolent of freshly cut flowers, DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom feels like a warm sunny day even if the snow is knee deep. Rose, jasmine and lilies are softly scented with golden apricots, crisp green and red apples and a touch of light musk.


CK One

 Calvin Klein CK One changed the perception of perfume in the 90s through marketing clean and fresh as sexy. The cutting-edge ads featured Kate Moss and the top models of the time. Composed by master perfumers Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas as a gender-neutral scent citrus and fruity notes with a hint of musk housed in a utilitarian bottle. It’s a generation later but CK One still appeals to boys, girls and just about anyone.


. Los Angeles by Giorgio Monti

 If you are searching for a fresh and clean perfume that can be worn at night try Los Angeles by Giorgio Monti. This powdery iris floral begins innocently enough, with citrus and   green notes before deepening into woody amber at the base.

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