9 Benefits of Beauty Sleep – According to Science

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Each year, the world spends billions of dollars on cosmetic treatments to make us look and feel our best. While we’re a huge supporter of makeup and fragrances that make you feel fantastic, we’re also here to encourage you to consider a free option: beauty sleep. 

You’re probably familiar with the dull, drab complexion that comes after pulling an all-nighter. That’s because you deprived yourself of beauty sleep, the scientific explanation behind the physical benefits of sleep. 

While you snooze, your body increases blood flow and circulation, which is why we wake up glowing and refreshed after a great night’s sleep. But the benefits go far beyond just the skin, read on to see all of them or skip ahead to our infographic below.

Outer Beauty

Allowing yourself to stay in bed for an extra hour can have tremendous benefits on your physical and mental health, helping you shine from the inside out. But just how much sleep should you be getting to reap the beauty benefits? The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8–10 hours of sleep for teenagers and 7–9 hours for adults. Hit those numbers on a regular basis to enjoy the following benefits:

Illustration representing younger looking skin

If you’re searching for that eternally-youthful glow, the answer might lie on your pillow. Sleep deprivation accelerates the skin’s aging process and loss of collagen, leading to more wrinkles and fine lines. 

Studies have also shown that your skin doesn’t recover as well from environmental stressors like sun damage when you’re sleep deprived. Getting adequate sleep is one of the best things you can do to obtain healthy skin. So skip the expensive cosmetic lasers and fillers and start snoozing.

Illustration that represents easier weight loss

The idea of laying in bed in order to lose weight might sound counterintuitive, but science says otherwise. In one study, dieters who had adequate sleep lost as much as 55 percent more fat than those who were sleep-deprived. 

This is because lack of sleep leads to an imbalance of appetite-regulating hormones, causing you to eat more. Before starting a heavily restrictive diet or super intense workout routine, ask yourself first: are you getting enough sleep? 

illustration representing brighter eyes

Fatigue and inadequate sleep cause fluids called edema to build up around the eye area. Because the skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest skin on our body, swelling and discoloration can become really noticeable when you’re low on sleep. 

This fluid buildup is especially common if you sleep on your stomach or side. To wake up bright-eyed and beautiful, sleep on your back and consider elevating your head with an extra pillow or a memory foam wedge for proper fluid drainage.

illustration representing a stronger immune system

Your body needs sufficient sleep in order to produce the proteins that effectively fight infection and inflammation. When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system becomes weakened, making you more susceptible to sickness. 

In addition, did you know that a weakened system also aggravates immunity-related skin issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema? If you skimp on proper rest, both your health and the appearance of your skin could suffer. 

illustration representing more effective workouts

In addition to weight loss, a healthy amount of sleep has been shown to help you maximize your workout routine. One study showed better speed, accuracy and reaction time among well-rested basketball players. 

In contrast, another study found lower grip strength and walking speed in women who are sleep-deprived. So whether you’re trying to slim down or bulk up, swap your pre-workout supplement for some all-natural Z’s.

Inner Beauty

illustration representing increased self esteem

We’ve covered the real physical benefits of beauty sleep. Did you know that there are psychological perks too? Research shows that people who get adequate sleep have a better perception of their overall appearance and physical attractiveness. 

So allow yourself that extra hour of sleep and you’ll radiate confidence. Having trouble going to bed at night? Consider using these scents to help you sleep.

Illustration representing boosted productivity

What’s more attractive than someone who makes the most of every day? Quality sleep can lead to better focus, sharper memory and overall increased productivity. Whether you’re a CEO or stay-at-home parent, productivity starts when you close your eyes. 

Think you’re too busy to catch some shut-eye? Think again. Even a 20-minute catnap can boost productivity by 34 percent.

illustration representing higher quality interactions

When you don’t get enough sleep, your social life could suffer. In addition to being groggy and grumpy, studies show that sleep deprivation reduces your ability to interact socially. This includes recognizing facial expressions and social cues. 

While everyone has bad days here and there, chronic loss of sleep could stunt your ability to make friends and have quality social interactions in the long run. 

Illustration representing improved mental health

Even small levels of sleep deprivation can lead to mental health issues. If you frequently wake up during the night due to insomnia or sleep apnea, it can alter your brain’s activity and neurochemicals and affect your mood and thinking. 

Insomnia makes you 10 times more likely to have clinical depression, while sleep apnea increases your likelihood by five times. If you suspect that you may be suffering from a mental illness, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about solutions.

Skincare products, cosmetic lasers and dieting programs can really eat away at your budget over time. The global cosmetics market is expected to surpass $800 billion in the next four years. And don’t get us wrong, we love makeup

However, sometimes the best beauty hacks are free. Getting enough sleep is the ultimate self-care ritual. You’ll enjoy physical benefits as well as emotional ones. All you have to do… is hit the hay. 

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