Best Designer Fragrances For A New Decade

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2020 starts a new decade, so let’s take a look at ten memorable fragrances. These ten are among our favorites from the years 2010-2019, so as we head into a new decade, we recommend  these award winning perfumes and colognes to start the new year.

bleu de chanel best designer fragrance for men of the decade

Bleu de Chanel (2010): One of the smash hits for men from the past decade,  Bleu de Chanel, is one of the most memorable, for its popularity and timeless appeal. Bleu de Chanel  is a woody fougere for men with citrus and burnished spice, a touch of incense, that rest on a warm earthy base and uses the finest ingredients synonymous with the CHANEL brand.

best designer fragrances of the 2010s and decade

Prada Candy (2010): was one of the most loved  sweet scented treats of the past decade. Prada Candy is one of our favorite gourmand fragrances.  Never has condensed milk and vanilla smelled so chic. More coquette than cookie, dark vanilla adds a flirty and spirited touch.

Carven was the first new perfume

Carven Le Parfum (2013): The House of Carven staged  its comeback in the world of fragrance,  with Carven Le Parfum,  enlisting master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian to create a glowing perfume for women  which includes notes of mandarin flower and white hyacinth in the top; sweet pea, jasmine and ylang-ylang in the heart, then sandalwood, osmanthus and Indonesian patchouli in the base.

Jo Malone Basil and Neroli (2016): Basil & Neroli by Anne Flipo in collaboration with Creative Director Céline Roux, is a great example of this elegant simplicity. Referencing its iconic aromatic basil note with the warmth of bitter orange, the neroli, it surrounds the wearer with a glow of comforting, slightly spicy warmth.

John Varvatos Dark Rebel Ryder (2016): One of the best designer leathers for men of the decade was composed by master perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Get your bad boy on with this ode to leather jackets.  A retro luxe blend of amber, incense and woods with a spicy sillage captures the feeling of biker chic.

Gucci Bloom is one of the best women's designer fragrances of the decade

Gucci Bloom (2017): Under the guidance of Creative Director Alessandro Michele, the company was poised to blast off into the future and Gucci Bloom was one of the best perfumes of the decade. With an intriguing note of Rangoon creeper (Chinese honeysuckle) the first ever to be used in a perfume, there’s a slightly spicy sweetness added to  the white floral bouquet of white jasmine and tuberose.

Twilly de Hermes  (2017). This young at heart perfume was named for the ever so chic Hermes scarf worn by millennial women.  Twilly de Hermes is a sheer, floral, and light-as-a- mousseline (silk-chiffon) scarf scent. In house perfumer, Christine Nagel, used only three listed notes; Tuberose, Ginger, and Sandalwood and managed to create something surprisingly new and fresh.

aura was the first new mugler of the decade

Mugler Aura (2018): One of the most talked about launch of the decade was Mugler Aura by Thierry Mugler. It enters with a rush of orange blossom made sweetly bitter with the poisonous rhubarb leaf, as if to proclaim innocence while hiding a venomous kiss.

Chloe nomade a modern chypre from last decade

Chloe Nomade (2018): This fresh, airy feminine fragrance was a new direction for the House of Chloe and was composed by Quentin Bisch.   With notes of Mirabelle plum, freesia and oakmoss this is a perfume for women that beautifully evokes the longing for travelling and adventure in this decade and for decades to come.

Lancome Idole 2019: Recently released at end the decade, three women perfumers created this musky feminine floral 7 years after La Vie Est Belle.  Transparent and modern with notes of bright citrus and royal rose, jasmine, clean white musks and vanilla, it featured the actress Zendaya and is targeted to a youthful audience.

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