Best Designer Perfumes for June Brides and Grooms

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Best Bridal designer Perfumes

June is a month known for weddings and choosing your fragrance can be daunting. Your wedding scent should be special and as memorable as your gown or bouquet.   Here is a roundup of some of our favorite designer perfumes for June brides and grooms on

Best designer Perfumes for brides and grooms

Hermes En Voyage de Hermes  is one of our favorite designer perfumes for the groom with its sparkling sunny citrus designer beautifully balanced upon base notes of wood and musk. It was created by Jean-Claude Ellena, the in-house perfumer of Hermes, who believed fragrances should be shared between men and women. Ladies, this gender-bender scent is like borrowing your husband to be favorite tee shit; it’ll permanently have a spot in your fragrance “wardrobe.” Notably, a nod to Hermes equestrian roots can be found in the covetable, stunning bottle.

Best designer perfumes for brides day wedding

Perfect for an outdoor wedding: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for Women is one of the most popular designer perfumes and was composed in 2001 by Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp. This fresh citrus scent evokes a leisurely picnic on a perfect summer day. Refreshing top notes of granny smith apple and fresh lemon lead us into a shady spot under a canopy of trees, where the scent of soft jasmine and roses waft in the breeze. As the sun sets, the scent deepens as cedar wood and amber add depth to this casual and fresh fragrance.

For a formal weddingAmarige by Givenchy, (an anagram for the French word for Marriage), originally created by French Perfumer Olivier Polge, is the drama queen of tuberose fragrances with equally engaging notes of ylang-ylang and delectable mangos.  You are a bride who knows how to make an entrance, carrying a bouquet of tropical flowers and a jeweled tiara in your upswept hair.

Best wedding perfumes

Wear Jasmine:  The scent of jasmine is intoxicating which is why it so desirable in designer perfumes. The gorgeous white floral is a universal symbol of love and joy, and in the gardens of Ambouli, Djibouti the flowers are worn at weddings in a necklace, headband or as earrings.  The Different Co. Jasmine de Nuit evokes 1001 Arabian nights and faraway places where the air is redolent of spices.  For an evening wedding try  Michael Kors  Glam Jasmine  with its intoxicating smell of night blooming jasmine just before dawn.

Choose a fragrance that has personal significance to BOTH of you. For example, if you met your future husband running, choose a fresh, green floral scent such as Adidas Floral Dream with its airy notes of lily and gillyflower. Ok, he picked you up at a bar, using the corniest come on line you ever heard. Wear Demeter Mojito Cologne Spray. After all…you are marrying him anyway.

happy clinique review

Be Happy! Clinique Happy sums up your future in one spritz, enjoy a lifelong honeymoon in a  bottle, eternal spring and a garden in full bloom with notes of citrus, jasmine and orchid

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