Guys, It’s Time to Focus on Self-Care: 6 Best Essential Oils for Men

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After a long day, a little aromatherapy is exactly what you need to unwind. Many choose to experiment with essential oils in their self-care routines. Not only are these plant extracts great for R&R time, but they’re also proven to supply a plethora of health benefits. From treating stress and anxiety to nausea and sore muscles, there’s an oil out there that can help you fight back against most ailments. Plus, since they stem from plants, they carry a powerful fragrance, often as alluring as an aphrodisiac. Spruce up your day-to-day with our six picks of the best essential oils for men plus a cologne to match the oil!

6 Best Essential Oils for Men

Choosing the right essential oils for your health and skincare routine ultimately boils down to your preferences. The following essential oils are popular amongst men of all tastes and are crafted to leave a lasting impression.

  1. Sandalwood

    Sandalwood exudes a masculine scent – often described as deep and woodsy – and is used for its calming properties. This can be an extremely versatile essential oil blend, with different undertones set to achieve various purposes. Sandalwood is a powerful scent, so the trick is to find a cologne that doesn’t overwhelm the nostrils. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche has perfected the art of balancing sandalwood’s robust aroma, with basil and lavender top notes and a floral heart. This classic fragrance rounds out with a clean base, featuring sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, and oakmoss.

  2. Frankincense

    A natural stress-reliever, frankincense essential oil perfectly integrates sweet and warm undertones crafting an earthy aroma. Frankincense is commonly paired with jojoba oil in skincare products to treat stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It also may be used as a massage oil to treat sore muscles and promote relaxation! To best don this soothing scent, we recommend Loewe 7 Cologne by Loewe, a woodsy, floral scent that ensures your presence is known throughout the entire day.

  3. Peppermint

    essential oil containersPeppermint, an aromatic herb in the mint family, is as well known as a scent additive as it is a treatment for a wide range of health concerns. As a topical application, peppermint essential oil offers relief from muscle pain, aches, and skin irritation. This uplifting scent can be overwhelming, so you’ll want a scent that emulates the strong appeal of mint without going overboard. For that, we suggest Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male Cologne.

  4. Cedarwood

    Cedarwood is one of the best essential oils used in aromatherapy and one of the more common proponents of cologne. It is a highly variable essential oil blend that pairs well with herbal fragrances such as clary sage, Cypress, and other woody oils, as well as more vibrant flavors such as lemongrass, clove, and orange essential oil. Many enticing fragrances contain Cedarwood, but one of our favorites is Grey Flannel Cologne. This earthy aroma has a timeless, green character and has been a popular choice among men since launching in the ’70s.

  5. Patchouli

    Patchouli essential oil is typically used after dilution as a carrier oil or in skincare products for cosmetic, odorous, and medicinal purposes. Known for its slightly sweet, musky aromatic profile, patchouli is a favorite amongst earthy lovers. As a fragrant, patchouli has taken off and is featured in many of our in-demand scents. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani is a constant best-seller, offering base notes of patchouli combined with cedar, amber, oakmoss, and musk.

  6. Vetiver

    Vetiver essential oil is an intriguing fragrance used for low circulation, aches and pains, and grounding capabilities. This aroma can best be described as deep and woody, yet fresh and calming. Vetiver is tranquilizing, and wearing this fragrance is sure to captivate. Show off your refined side with a spritz of Vetiver Guerlain, built to last from work to play.

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