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Kenzo Takada 

 Early in October of 2020, Kenzo Takada one of the most iconic figures in fashion and fragrance passed away. The Japanese fashion designer brought colorful prints and multicultural style blending Japanese aesthetics with French craftsmanship. Many of his early runway couture dresses and gowns are no longer for sale but thankfully, his legacy lives on in Kenzo Perfumes

His very first official perfume kenzo for women ca sent bon (this smell good in French was launched in 1988 and set the tone for the beautiful fragrances that would follow. All of the Kenzo fragrances are wearable, elegant scents suitable for daytime.

Kenzo Parfum d’ete, originally debuted in1992 and evokes a playful picnic; the sun plays peek-a-boo with green leaves and clouds drift by. You are surrounded by perfect, ripe juicy peaches and sunny citruses, breezy notes of softest florals- powdery peony and gentle hyacinth waft through the air. Splashes of color fill the air.

Kashaya by kenzo

Kashaya De Kenzo Perfume by Kenzo (1994): Translated from Sanskrit, Kashaya means everlasting love, composed by master perfumer Sophia Grosjman. Kashaya is the first oriental perfume from the company and is beautiful to wear in fall.  This sensual and elegant scent is warmed with golden orange hued fruits-peach, apricot enveloping an exotic bouquet of tuberose, spicy clove and orchid that dry down to creamy amber and woods.

flower by kenzo

Flower by Kenzo’s  soft floral notes of violet and rose with a flourish of white musk at the drydown, debuted in 2000 and is sleek and contemporary without being fussy. With its iconic single red poppy stem adorning the bottle, it is one of the best-selling perfumes for women of all ages.

jungle elephant

1996’s Kenzo Jungle Elephant conjure up images of a Moroccan spice market full of life, colors and scents. Spices, incense and oud are used in these “Arabian” scents to create a complex secret and sensual world. The elephant stopper is a talisman  of luck.


Kenzo Flower in the air

 Beautiful flowers can grow in unlikely places; even from the cracks in urban concrete sidewalks. The two are joined in Kenzo Flower in the Air,  first launched in 2013. It was Kenzo’s desire to create a perfume that smelled like a fresh summer breeze. Light ethereal rose and magnolia float over clean white musk.

kenzo amour

Kenzo Amour created by perfumer Daphne Bugey evokes a trip to Japan, where cherry blossoms were blooming and the smell of powdery heliotrope was  everywhere.  Exotic frangipani wafts sweetly as vanilla envelops you. Perfume as haiku.

kenzo world

Of all the Kenzo fragrances, World created in 2016 by the famous perfumer Francis Kurdjian is the most daring. From its mystical sphere-shaped bottle with a single eye, symbolizing protection against negativity to the lush red fruits, pink peony from Egypt and the mood enhancing ambroxan at the base, it is the scent of empowerment.

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