Best Niche Perfumes For Fall

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best niche perfumes for fall

What are niche perfumes? Niche perfumes can be defined as fragrances that are hard to find and  not intended for everyone, but for discriminating scent lovers. They  usually are are made in small amounts, using fine ingredients such as Aoud, rose de mai and saffron. Niche perfumes are often composed by famous perfumers who are given creative license to create without regard to price. The boom in niche perfumes is due to the fanatical fragrance lovers who want to smell unique.  Our picks for the best niche perfumes for fall… all at every day affordable prices and guaranteed authentic at

oud in niche perfumes

 Wood notes add depth and staying power to fragrance.  Niche perfumes with wood notes are a great choice fall when the days are still warm days and the evenings can be chilly.  Oud (also known as Agarwood and Aoudh) has been used for millennia by the elite in India and the Middle East.

Montale Aoud Rose Petals niche perfumes

Smoky, deep, with spicy nuances, this precious wood is especially beautiful when blended with roses the Queen of flowers. Montale Aoud Rose Petals  is fit for modern day royalty.

M. Micallef emir review

You won’t need a passport to experience niche perfumes that conjure the magic of the Middle East. East meets West with Emir by the Grasse House of Parfums M. Micallef, is a fragrance for men with warming notes of oud and pepper. A little leather makes it better as you sweep her off her feet.  The  black, gold and bejeweled bottle is tres “Sheikh”.

 Renowned Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour rocks the Casbah with Al Oudh by L’Artisan Parfumeur. In ancient times, Egyptian women burned (oud) agarwood chips while standing over a brazier before meeting their lover.  Al Oudh is spicy and smoky with Myrrh and cardamom, but it’s the animalic notes of civet and cumin in Al Oudh that will make your desert lion roar.


Chergui by the famous Parisian house of Serge Lutens instantly transports you to Istanbul.  Ancient aromas of dates, saffron, and coriander mix with the dusty odors of the desert.  Sloe eyed women peek through their veils as you pass by.  A whirling devish wafting sweet resins beckons you to follow him to the sultan’s palace with promises of candied orange peel, and Turkish delights. Resistance is futile.

best green chypre niche perfumes

Eau de Soir by Sisley is a trip to Paris in the fall, when elegant women swathed in mink wore black leather gloves as they took their balcony seats at the Palais Garner.  

A green chypre, with  luxurious white florals and moss at the base it could have been created 50 years ago. Eau de Soir is elegance personified.

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