Best Perfumes For Mother’s Day

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Mom always taught you to put on a little lipstick, carry a nice handbag and to wear perfume. So now that it is Mother’s Day, pay it forward with a fragrance that she is sure to love. With so many scented selections what will make her feel special? Does your Mom make a statement or is she more mild-mannered. Keep in mind a beautiful bottle always pleases and since the weather is warmer opt for floral scents. From luxe to everyday glamour, fragrance says I love you no matter what your budget.

For the mom who is likes her perfume to whisper, not shout, we recommend Curve Appeal from Liz Claiborne. Freshly sweet with apples and nectarine, the fruit complement a powdery heart of fresh violets and iris.  Soft musk at the base is subtle. The playful pink bottle will make her smile.

Only the best will do for the sophisticated mom.  Gucci Premiere lives up to its name and goes to the top of the list. The gorgeous gold bottle will grab her attention and the notes of musk, leather and amazing white flowers make for a memorable statement.

She’s Facetime  ready by 7:00 am and is unabashedly glamorous. Piguet Fracas is a big bold fragrance and a favorite with Old and New Hollywood from Ava Gardner, Madonna and Lady Gaga. If your Mother is dramatic and loves making a grand entrance she will love the heady blend of tuberose, gardenia and jasmine –the Queens of Flowers for Mother’s Day.

Fashion designer Betsey Johnson calls herself the oldest living teenager! If Mom is stealing your jeans and texts 24/7 give her Betsey Johnson this Mother’s Day.  A sweet and playful perfume with praline and juicy fruits in a quirky bottle that will have her turning cartwheels.

You were named you after a song she heard at Woodstock,  she still wears flowers in her hair and owns a dozen Birkenstocks. Time to update her style this Mother’s Day! Using two groovy 60s notes, musk and patchouli, she is sure to love the ever so French scent from renowned perfumery Molinard-  Patchouli.

Mom is the Queen of Green.  She is an advocate of the three Rs: recycle, reduce and reuse. As she is trying to save the planet one day at a time, there’s no reason why she can’t smell terrific. Bond No 9 Highline, smells of urban renewal, cut grass and flowers ready to bloom with notes of tart rhubarb, blue hyacinth and orange flower, pink tulips and oak.  All Bond No 9 bottles are recyclable and reusable and is an eco-friendly scented gift for Mother’s Day.

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