Your Guide: The Best Vince Camuto Fragrances for 2020

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Vince Camuto is famous for his contribution to the women’s footwear industry, his foray into the world of fragrance is also impressive. The Vince Camuto fragrance line features a variety of eau de parfums and colognes you’re sure to love. With a variety of quality scents, it can be hard to choose. Luckily, the fragrance experts at FragranceX have compiled the best Vince Camuto fragrances for 2020 to help you find the right choice for you.

The Best Vince Camuto Fragrances for 2020

After their first perfume launch in 2011, Vince Camuto fragrances quickly gained popularity among women and men. Women adore the fun and fruity, yet sophisticated aromas, while their men’s cologne offers more natural and musky options. Whatever fragrance notes you prefer, these best-selling scents are sure to be a perfect fit!

Best Vince Camuto Perfume for Women for 2020man and woman take turns smelling Vince Camuto perfume

  1. Vince Camuto Bella
    If you’re feeling extra feminine, Vince Camuto Bella is your go-to perfume. With only four ingredients, this fragrance seamlessly combines citrus and floral hues with sparkling bergamot top notes. It’s bright and citrusy vibes will keep you energized throughout the day. While this fragrance is ideal for any day of the week, its seductive white amber base note pairs perfectly with special occasions.
  2. Vince Camuto Fiori
    Soft yet subtle, a spritz of Vince Camuto Fiori eau de parfum will give you a boost of confidence and femininity. Sparkling, effervescent hints of grapefruit, nectarine, and bellini settle into a heart of floral and fresh jasmine. Finally, the scent closes with base notes of warm amber and sandalwood. The floral aromas in this fragrance make it perfect for spring or summer time use.
  3. Vince Camuto Amore
    Released in 2014 as a special edition blend, Vince Camuto Amore will have all eyes on you. It’s juicy and fruity opening notes provide a lively and exotic sensation. Lily of the valley, orchid freesia, and lotus aromas add to its flirty character, while cashmere wood, musk, and sandalwood give it a sweet and crisp scent. The fun and stylish bottle make it a great gift for young women during any season.

Best Vince Camuto Men’s Fragrances for 2020

  1. Vince Camuto Homme
    Inspired by the Mediterranean, Vince Camuto Homme is a blend of earthy and citrus ingredients. Opening hints of gin and lemon, followed by forest middle notes give it a deep, refreshing scent. It’s strong but not too overpowering for everyday office or casual wear. This eau de toilette is an excellent fit for sophisticated men.
  2. Vince Camuto
    This popular, best-seller is equally smooth and refreshing. Vince Camuto Cologne is a luxurious and masculine fragrance made for men. Opening notes of bergamot, mandarin, and black pepper create a citrusy and spicy aroma that’s sure to perk you up. A substantial and lavish heart note of leather dances with nutmeg and lavender accords. This fragrance is designed for long-term wear. Apply it before a long day in the office or a fun night out.
  3. Vince Camuto Oud
    Introduced in 2016, Vince Camuto Oud is a luxurious blend of leather and woody aromas. It’s dominating oud heart notes are truly irresistible. If you’re not into overly spicy scents, you’ll enjoy the smooth blend this fragrance offers. Opening notes of pepper, sage, and nutmeg balance with closing accords of amber, sandalwood, and leather. It’s warm, but still masculine enough to keep you feeling confident.

While all Vince Camuto scents are irresistible, the best fragrance for you depends on your unique tastes. Whatever is right for you, you’re sure to find it at FragranceX! Shop our selection of the hottest perfumes and colognes at the lowest prices!

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