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Valentine's Day Perfumes for your style
| 4 min Read

2024 Best Valentine’s Day Perfumes That Match Your Style

Whether you are a hopeless romantic, fun and flirtatious, sexy or adventurous, try one of our top picks for perfumes that match your style this...

Best perfume trends of 2024
| 4 min Read

Take Notes: 5 Best Perfume Trends For 2024

  We asked fragrance experts, Influencers and watched hours of #perfumetiktok to bring you the next best perfume trends of 2024. What we learned is...

| 2 min Read

The Best Tonka Bean Perfumes For Women

Tonka bean perfumes are loved by many for their warm, gourmand scent that offers both sweetness and depth. If you're intrigued by this intoxicating note...

square perfume bottle with golden glow
| 2 min Read

The Best Woody Perfumes for Women

If you think woody perfumes are best for the cooler months where smelling warm and cozy is in season, think again. When the rich scent...

Best Initio Parfums Prives
| 4 min Read

Best Initio Parfums Privés Perfumes

  Initio Parfums Prives is a relatively new niche brand,  founded in Dubai and then went on to launch seven unisex fragrances in 2015 at...

| 2 min Read

Mysterious, Magnetic Scents to Make You Feel Like a Dark Academia Character

Dark academia is an aesthetic primarily defined by, well, academia, specifically boarding school and college. Think mahogany furniture, worn-out rugs, quiet libraries and an underlying...

Best Pear fragrances
| 2 min Read

The Best Pear Fragrances To Make Your Day Juicier

There's nothing more delicious than a perfectly ripe pear. The fruit, which is at its most flavorful during the fall, is delightfully sweet but not...

Best Halloween Perfumes
| 2 min Read

Best Halloween Perfumes

Who didn’t love Halloween as a kid? You are all grown up now, but you can still have some fun wearing perfumes that are real...

fragrances surrounded by back to school elements
| 3 min Read

6 Fragrances to Make You Feel Like You’re Back on Campus

Pencil shavings, cozy wool sweaters, a quiet library filled with old leather-bound books, a fresh notebook waiting to be filled with notes and daydreams or...

Fall Dates and the perfect fragrances to pair them with
| 3 min Read

8 Fall Dates and the Perfect Fragrance to Pair With Them

  This autumn, expand your aromatic horizons by pairing these delicious, sexy and romantic scents with some go-to fall dates. The date: A trip to...

Aurelien Guichard perfumer
| 3 min Read

Aurelien Guichard and His Most Famous Perfumes

    Aurelien Guichard was born in Grasse, the perfume capitol of the world. Aurelien Guichard  grew up in a scented world. as he comes...

What Fragrances Would the Characters of And Just Like That Wear
| 4 min Read

What Fragrances Would the Characters of “And Just Like That” Wear?

I couldn't help but wonder what perfume does Carrie Bradshaw wear in the new movie Just Like That ? Which fragrances decorate Charlotte York-Goldenblatt's pristine...

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