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Best Perfume Gifts For Mother's Day
| 4 min Read

10 Best Perfume Gifts for Mother’s Day 2024

  Mother’s Day is Sunday May 12th. If it was up to us, Mother’s Day should be a global holiday. Not only do moms never...

Valentine's Day Perfumes for your style
| 4 min Read

2024 Best Valentine’s Day Perfumes That Match Your Style

Whether you are a hopeless romantic, fun and flirtatious, sexy or adventurous, try one of our top picks for perfumes that match your style this...

Best Women's Perfumes to Give as Gifts
| 4 min Read

 10 Best Women’s Perfumes To Give as Gifts

The holiday season is a time of great cheer but it can also be stressful; crowded stores and long lines can be frustrating. Picking women’s...

Best Halloween Perfumes
| 2 min Read

Best Halloween Perfumes

Who didn’t love Halloween as a kid? You are all grown up now, but you can still have some fun wearing perfumes that are real...

perfume atomizer
| 4 min Read

Best Travel Mini Fragrances to Take in Your Carry On

Prepping your carry on for your next weekend trip? The hardest part for us is always figuring out which fragrances to bring along. With a...

A lady wearing perfume
| 11 min Read

Versace Crystal Noir: The Perfect Gift for the Holiday Season

There are some people in this world who like to choose a signature scent and stick with it. Then, there are the rest of us....

bottle of wine dressed in a red sequin that says "Happy Galentine's Day"
| 1 min Read

Fragrances for Celebrating Galentine’s Day with your Besties

“What's Galentine’s Day? Oh, it's only the best day of the year,” said Leslie Knope,

Woman smelling flowers for valentines day
| 4 min Read

Best Valentine’s Day Perfumes and Colognes for 2023

Check out tperfumes and colognes that are guilt free indulgences this Valentine's Day!

rabbit on background of red flowers symbolizing chinese lunar new year 2023
| 3 min Read

Perfumes to Celebrate The Chinese New Year 2023

Let’s take a look at these fitting perfumes for the 2023 Chinese New Year. The year of the water rabbit.

Sweet and Spicy Perfumes for the Holidays
| 1 min Read

Sweet and Spicy Perfumes for The Holidays

When the thermostat drops and the days grow shorter, it’s time to reach for perfumes with some heat (don’t worry there are no jalapeños in...

| 3 min Read

Best Fragrances to Buy for Your Best Friend This Christmas

Your BFF deserves a special treat this Christmas and we always lean towards a holiday gift that comes in a perfume bottle shape.  While scent...

Our favorite celebrity outfits of 2022 (and the perfect fragrances to match)
| 4 min Read

Our Favorite Celebrity Christmas Outfits (And the Perfect Fragrances to Match)

Sing it with us: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” That’s right: festive season is heading our way and we’re more than ready...

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