Best Oud Perfumes for Women and Men

image of Best Oud Perfumes for Women and Men

From ancients who first burnt incense to deities, oud perfumes has been created from the “Wood of the gods”.  It  goes by many names… including Oudh,  Aoudh or agarwood. Worn by sultans, pharaohs and used for millennia, oud perfumes have a history that is deeply entwined with incense, ceremony and fragrance. Oud has a complex […]

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Best Niche Perfumes For Fall

What are niche perfumes? Niche perfumes can be defined as fragrances that are hard to find and  not intended for everyone, but for discriminating scent lovers. They  usually are are made in small amounts, using fine ingredients such as Aoud, rose de mai and saffron. Niche perfumes are often composed by famous perfumers who are […]

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