How To Find Your Signature Scent: Starting a Perfume Collection

By Perfumista March 3, 2019

With thousands of perfumes on the market, how do you find your signature scent?  Each of us has a scent “print”, as unique as a snowflake, so choosing a fragrance can be tricky. We asked our FragXpert for “Xpert” advice on starting a perfume collection.

Wear a classic fragrance: Guerlain Mitsouko turns 100 years old in 2019 and has graced the wrists of movie stars and every day women all over the world. Created by legendary nose Jacques Guerlain in 1919, the perfume tells the story of two lovers. Mitsouko is opens with a juicy peach note and is bright with bergamot. At the heart is a floral bouquet of jasmine and rose surrounded by spices. One of the first fragrances to use oakmoss, a very precious ingredient, this timeless perfume dries down to a lovely finish of woods and vetiver.

Day/Office:  La Vie est Belle, translated from the French  “means life is beautiful”.  Pretty woman Julia Roberts is the ad campaign model and represents the breezy easy but no less captivating appeal of this lovely fruity/floral. With notes of sweet praline, warm vanilla, juicy black currant, tonka bean and ripe pears, you are just one spritz away from making every day tres belle.

What is cozier than cashmere? For a warm scented embrace that’s wonderfully wearable in any season try Donna Karan Cashmere Mist for Her. Woody and spicy with hints of vanilla, this your-skin-but-better wraps you in a quiet musky embrace. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist is for quiet  times alone or relaxing with a cup of tea.

Everything is Coming Up Roses:  There are 150 varieties of roses and thousands of hybrids.  No wonder this bloom is known as the Queen of Perfumery and every woman should own at least one. Reach for Dolce Gabbana Rosa Excelsa,  inspired by the deep red blossoms grown in Sicily. it  is a fresh and fruity take on rose with notes of  nectarine, sweet citrus, papaya flower, waterlily and daffodils. Never heavy, easy to wear, Rosa Excelsa is as sensuous as spokesperson/actress Monica Bellucci.

Scent Statement: Amarige by Givenchy, originally created by CHANEL Perfumer Olivier Polge, is a dramatic floral fragrance. Engaging notes of  ylang-ylang and delectable mango announce you have arrived. When you want to make entrance, Amarige is the  perfumed equivalent of leaving tropical flowers in your wake.

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