How to Find Your Perfect Home Fragrance Based On Your Interior Style

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The interior design of your home is a reflection of your personality. Maybe you’ve long established what your interior design style is, but if you’re still unsure and are trying out different looks in your home, a style quiz will help you find a little more certainty. To really bring a room together, you want to add more than just matching furniture, throw pillows and an accent wall. Besides the look and feel of your interior, your space will largely be impacted by the fragrance as well.

Regardless of the interior style that makes you feel at home, there is a scent family (and subfamily) according to the fragrance wheel that fits your interior design style perfectly. Finding the right scent family will allow you to achieve a scentscape that enhances your interior design style with candles, fresh flowers, essential oils, potpourri or perfume.

1. Millennial Minimalism

Millenial Minimalism

Whether your craving for clutter free spaces stems from being born between 1981 and 1996 or you just appreciate a practical and sleek interior, the minimalist design approach allows you to get rid of unnecessary stuff and embrace a clean and airy space. It is inspired by the Japanese design and focuses on the mantra less is more. Any furniture or decor element should first and foremost be practical. Anything that doesn’t serve a purpose has no place in a minimalist home.

This interior design style perfectly matches with any fragrance from the green scent subfamily. Since you want to avoid clutter at all cost and stick to practical decor elements, a reed diffuser is the perfect accessory for your coffee or dining table. Notes of peppermint, eucalyptus or freshly cut grass will perfectly blend in with your simplistic interior.

2. Coastal


You don’t have to live by the ocean to add a beachy vibe to your home. The coastal decorating style embraces a neutral color palette with whites, beige and blue hues to achieve a bright and breezy interior feel. A few sea shells here and there, striped blankets and oversized panorama pictures of your last beachside vacation make for a relaxing and comfortable environment. White orchids, lilies or roses are popular plants to add in a coastal interior and can help shape the scentscape of your home.

If you want to emphasize the beachy feel of your home even more, you can add a fresh, watery scent. Incorporate aquatic scents that smell like the air after a thunderstorm or a fresh ocean breeze with beachy candles, a fresh perfume or cologne such as Cool Water by Davidoff.

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3. Contemporary


Contemporary means “existing or happening now” and describes this design style perfectly. It is never set in stone, instead, it evolves with the current trends while remaining sleek and simple. Metal, glass and a neutral color palette are considered elements of the contemporary design that is meant to feel light and airy to anyone entering the room.

Incorporating a fragrance to this interior design style is simple. You can underline the interesting but simple vibe of the contemporary design with a tangy, zesty scent. Filling your rooms with a citrus fragrance by diffusing essential lemon oils will add a natural aroma to your space that invigorates and energizes you.

4. Asian Zen

asian zen

Rooted in the contemporary style, Asian zen embraces natural and sleek shapes but focuses on asymmetry to add an interesting touch to the design. A home inspired by Asian zen should make you feel calm and at peace. This serenity can be achieved by sticking to a simple color palette of whites, beige and light woods as well as bamboo. Natural elements like indoor trees, large windows that give the illusion of being outside and lack of clutter will turn your home into an inviting, airy space.

While you should avoid adding too many decorative elements to a zen space, a pretty diffuser or incense burner can add fragrance to the room without drawing attention away from its simplicity. Energizing, invigorating citrus scents like lemons or mandarins mixed with a soft oriental touch of carnation or warm spices like cinnamon or cloves will help you achieve the perfect scentscape in your zen home.

5. Industrial and Rustic

Industrial or Rustic

If you live in an industrial loft, chances are you picked it because you love the exposed brick walls, pipes and wood beams that decorate the high ceilings. This unfinished and masculine design style became more popular as empty, former factory buildings were transformed into apartments and living spaces. If you like the raw industrial look, the rustic style will likely speak to you as well. While it is a little more romantic, the unfinished touches give  rustic interior a sense of effortlessness and coziness that resembles the industrial design.

You can add a few soft touches to both of these unrefined design styles by decorating with natural accessories such as sheepskin throws, brick fireplaces that add warmth to a room or large plants as contrast to the otherwise neutral color palette. The smell of burning wood will add the perfect fragrance to your home, the scent of cedar or sandalwood with candles or incense sticks helps achieve this with less work than building a fire. Any scent of the subfamily woody will enhance the rustic feel of your space.

6. Urban Modern

urban modern

A true urban modernist loves glamor, ethnic heirlooms, is a little edgy and enjoys experimenting with new designs. Large, comfortable furniture that is surrounded by decorative accents and vintage elements defines an urban modern home. This design style is rooted in the contemporary and industrial design but offers a softer approach. Every room in an urban modern home should have at least one statement piece that defines the room. This can be anything from a bold light fixture to a piece of art on the wall or a rug with an edgy pattern.

Fragrances that tie in well with this interior design style come from the scent subfamilies mossy wood, green and soft oriental. Mixing up these harmonizing scents from different families matches the experimental nature of an urban modernist home. You’ll want to incorporate sweet, mossy notes with the scent of freshly mown grass and incorporate a touch of glamor and softness coming from oriental notes like jasmine, nutmeg or cinnamon. You can have as many scented candles, incense burners and essential oil diffusers as you like because they won’t just make your home smell amazing, but will also function as various decor items that add a personal touch. If you also want to match your personal scent to your interior, this cologne from Dolce & Gabbana will do the trick.

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7. Scandinavian and Farmhouse

Scandinavian or Farmhouse

Even if you’ve never been to Europe, the Scandinavian style has long made its way across the Atlantic ocean and into our hearts. The simplicity of this warm and organic interior design style is as appealing as the idea of hygge (a quality of coziness that has you feeling content and happy). White walls, large mirrors, lots of wood and cozy textiles define the Scandinavian design.

The farmhouse style may have a different look as it is more closely connected to nature and includes more raw wood elements and mixed metals than the Scandinavian design, but the ideal scentscape for these two styles is very similar.

To achieve a cohesive feel between the look and the smell of your home, farmhouses as well as Scandinavian interiors will come together with a dry wood fragrance. A wood burning oven would be ideal, but you can also add smoky incense sticks to incorporate this unrefined, rustic scent in your home.

8. Mediterranean


Columns, arches and interior balconies made from rich wood that has ornate features carved into it practically scream Mediterranean flair. This culturally rich interior design style draws inspiration from the Greek freshness, Spanish romance and Italian warmth. You can achieve a Mediterranean style by incorporating lots of warm colors like terra cotta or yellow,  and also by focusing on the colors of the sky and seas to give your home a vacation vibe. Stone walls, large windows surrounding the room that let the sun in no matter the time of day and lots of wooden features will make you feel like you live by the Mediterranean Sea.

If you feel like your place is missing a little something extra, try adding scents from the subfamilies oriental, floral and aromatic. You can achieve this by adding fresh herbs like basil or rosemary to your kitchen, displaying fresh cut roses or lilies on your dining room table and diffusing lavender or vanilla essential oils.

9. Eclectic


The eclectic interior design style is perfect for anyone with an anything goes spirit as it combines different textures, time periods, trends, colors and styles that can easily look chaotic if not assembled properly. This culturally rich interior is not for everyone as it takes a schooled eye to distinguish clashing items from heterogeneous elements that can form an interesting and unique look.

The perfect scent for this energetic interior design style is a mixture of the scent subfamilies woody oriental and green. Notes of sandalwood and patchouli can be incorporated with essential oils and harmonize wonderfully with the scent of crushed green leaves like this Perry Ellis perfume.

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10. Bohemian and Jungalow

bohemian or jungalow

A free spirit, avid traveler and nature lover will appreciate a home with a boho vibe. The bohemian style focuses on natural elements, but adds bold colors and patterns to achieve an interesting and eclectic look that feels warm and inviting. Wood and metallic accents form the basis of this uninhibited interior design that can be spruced up with a variety of houseplants to create an indoor jungle. To compose a true jungalow (a bungalow that is reminiscent of a jungle), you’ll want to fill every empty space with a lush plant or flower. The greenery will harmonize wonderfully with your colorful and free spirited interior.

To emphasize the look and feel of these design styles, you can add floral fragrances and the scent of mossy wood to your home. Handmade candles in wood bowls that smell like sage or jasmine will add extra coziness and perfectly round up the vibe of your home. Drying flowers, such as roses or lilies, is another way to add texture and fragrance to your bohemian jungle.

11. French Country and Shabby Chic

french country or shabby chic

Both shabby chic and French country are feminine interior design styles that bring a mix of rustic elegance and timeless antiques to the table. While shabby chic is based on a vintage 18th century vibe that’s softened by distressed wood elements, a pale color palette and floral accents, French country is a sophisticated blend of shabby chic and the farmhouse style. The French country color palette is predominantly neutral and includes warm wood, beige and cream tones to feel more inviting.

You can soften both of these interior design styles by relying on fragrances from the scent subfamilies soft floral and dry wood. Powdery, sweet, musky notes combined with the smokiness of embers will add the perfect finishing touch to your home.

12.Hollywood Regency

Hollywood regency

If you can’t shake the feeling that you were born in the wrong decade and are obsessed with Hollywood’s Golden Age, this glamorous, dramatic design style is perfect for you. The 1930s were characterized by opulent, eclectic decoration. Hollywood regency draws inspiration from art deco and has a lot in common with mid-century modern. While elements of these interior design styles are visible in Hollywood regency, it is more feminine and luxurious.

To enhance the glamorous vibe of your home, a floral oriental fragrance is the perfect choice. This scent beautifully balances an exotic touch and traditional notes and fits perfectly with the bold but timeless patterns and textures of the Hollywood regency style. If you want to add this fragrance to your home, you can easily incorporate it with dried orange potpourri in a vintage bowl on your coffee table. Hints of jasmine, pomelo or vanilla will also pair beautifully with your interior design so elevate your personal scent with Joy by Dior.

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What Fragrance Matches Your Interior Design Style Infographic

There are so many different ways in which you can elevate the scentscape of a room. When not only the interior design style but the aroma of the room fit your personal taste, you will truly feel at home. Use your interior design as inspiration to treat yourself to one of our discount perfumes — it’ll make you feel like home wherever you go.

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