Joop! Cologne: 4 Signs You Need to Start Wearing It Immediately

image of Joop! Cologne: 4 Signs You Need to Start Wearing It Immediately

In the world of cologne, sometimes you choose a wild new scent… and sometimes it chooses you. Joop! Homme is the kind of cologne that chooses you. It features bright, delectable citrus top notes, smoldering middle spices, and a base of sumptuous patchouli. Joop! Cologne is alluring. It’s sexy. It’s fearless. It’s ready when you are.

But are you ready for a cologne as sensually masculine as Joop! Homme? We’ve compiled a little checklist that will help you know. And we’ll get to that in a moment – but first, a little background.

Joop! Homme: The Unique Story Behind the Scent

The first thing you’ll notice about Joop! Homme is its decidedly modern take on masculJoop cologne box and bottleinity. Although it comes on strong, there’s quite a lot of complexity beneath the surface. Joop! Cologne is a men’s fragrance that is entirely unafraid to be tart, sweet – even juicy. And if that sounds like a gutsy new foray into men’s scents, you’ll be surprised to learn that Joop! Homme has actually been around for decades.

Designed and developed by the world-class perfumer Michel Almairac, Joop! Homme was first released in 1989. In his prodigious career, Mr. Almairac has created dozens of iconic fragrances, and worked with fashion groups and designers including Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

Of his childhood, Mr. Almairac has said: “I was always surrounded by scents and smells which is part of life in that city, natural ones from the crops of flowers growing in the fields, and industrial ones as well, from the perfume factories.” And that willingness to mix old and new, time-tested and wildly experimental, is nowhere more clear than in Joop! Homme.

So are you ready for Joop! Cologne? Here are four signs it’s time to take the plunge:

1. Try Joop! Homme Cologne if: You can rock pink and / or purple

Before you even uncap Joop! Homme, the luminous pink liquid (or purple, depending on the light) is making a bright, bold statement. If you’re intimidated, you might want to turn back now. But if that unbelievably vivid color is calling your name, that’s a good sign. And if you own a pink necktie or a purple blazer, that’s an even better sign.

Are we saying you’ll only enjoy Joop! Homme while blasting Prince in a pink convertible? No. We’re saying this fragrance – like pink and purple – is an attention-getter. If that’s exciting to you, open the glass bottle and see what’s in store.

2. Try Joop! Homme Cologne if: You go straight from the office to the club

When you spray on Joop! Homme, you’ll be struck first by the sweet, vibrant top notes of mandarin orange, lemon, bergamot, and orange blossoms. It’s an enticing mix that is perfectly at home in a professional workplace – and can seamlessly make the switch to a crowded, breathy nightclub.

Does that describe you, as well? If you’re the kind of work-hard / play-hard professional who slips effortlessly between worlds, Joop! Cologne will be a perfect copilot.

3. Try Joop! Homme Cologne if: You own a Mophie Juice Pack

With a battery extension pack from a brand like Mophie, you can use your phone for nearly 24 hours, nonstop, without recharging. Some people will say, “Who needs that much battery power?” And some people will say, “How much does it cost?” When you’re living life to the fullest, you don’t always have time to slow down. (Or maybe you just don’t want to.)

If that sounds like you, Joop! Cologne – with its lustrous heart notes of cinnamon, heliotrope, and jasmine –  might be right in your wheelhouse. This fragrance has an almost unbelievable longevity. Just a spray or two, and you’ll still notice its intoxicating aroma 12 or 15 hours later.

4. Try Joop! Homme Cologne if: You have a killer poker face

Although the opening of Joop! Homme is a bit dazzling, with its almost-candy-like sweet, many cologne connoisseurs will tell you: There’s a lot of complexity beneath the surface of this fragrance. Like a smoothly-played poker hand, there are surprises in store.

Joop! Cologne’s base notes are rich and woody – think sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, and tonka bean. That means after the “dry down” – i.e. when the initial top notes fade – you’ll find yourself with a spicy, virile fragrance that sparks curiosity. If you can keep a secret, Joop! Homme will keep it with you.

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