Seven Beach Scents for Summer Social Distancing

image of Seven Beach Scents for Summer Social Distancing

If your plan to travel this summer to an exotic tropical locale or beach have been put on hold, let a new scent transport you to warm sands and turquoise seas with just one spritz at

Dior dune is a great beach scent

For a beach fragrance with view try Christian Dior Dune a classic, yet sexy summer scent for him redolent of  rose, basil, cedarwood and musk.  Perfect for a nocturnal rendez- vous. Even if it is in your living room.

Coconut beach summer fragrances

For a scented summer trip to Tahiti, spray on Body Fantasies Signature  Coconut fantasy, a sensual skin scent with notes of heady jasmine and warm musk infused with coconut, that reminds us of the floral oils Polynesian women use to smooth their skin and hair.  Palm trees, beach and ocean view not included.

Great beach and ocean colognes

He will be the captain of his own ship when he sets sail this summer with Nautica Voyage a fresh aquatic scent masculine fragrance with notes of cool green leaf, sunlit amber and clean cedarwood.

paco rabanne lady million perfume ad

Virtually jet across the Atlantic to where the rich and famous play on the French Riviera. Lady Million from Paco Rabanne, the tres francais couturier, is a dazzling white floral with notes of orange blossom and gardenia that sparkle like crystals. A lavish dry down of soft leather and amber linger into the wee hours of the night.

Best Tommy Bahama colognes

 If your dream summer destination was a Caribbean beach and to have  some fun in the Sun in St Barts, (where celebs like Leonardo di Caprio and Derek Jeter have secluded island getaways)  spritz on  Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barts Cologne for him  with notes of blue agave (used in tequila), palm, guava and sea spray  and get your sexy on all day.

Best beach vacation perfumes

The Taj Mahal was built by a king of India to celebrate his love for his Queen. If you are  longing for a romantic summer destination, Escada Taj Sunset is a glowing blend of mango, primrose, coconut and sandalwood. Wear Taj Sunset and dream of being swept away by a dark eyed stranger.

michael kors coral

If you were planning the ultimate summer snorkeling adventure, Michael Kors Coral is the perfume equivalent to a week exploring the deep sea coral reefs  and sunbathing in Fiji.  Shades of orange- mandarin and orange blossom meld with colorful floral notes of black current, pink pepper and the scent of dried salt on musky skin evoke days and nights on land at a sea


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