Soothing Fragrances for Troubling Times: Lavender and Jasmine Perfumes to Buy Now

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According to aromatherapists, and throughout history the use of lavender and jasmine, two of the most commonly used ingredients in fragrances are also homeopathic treatment for anxiety and depression.

From the earliest time, lavender plants and the extracts were known to have health benefits and the plants have long been treasured as much for their soothing qualities as well as for their use in fragrances.  During World War I, some doctors used a blend of lavender oils, which also have antiseptic germ fighting qualities to treat their patients who probably also benefited from the calming effect as well. The sweet smell of jasmine has been said to be as good as valium at calming the nerves with none of the side effects, according to medical studies. This essential oil from the delicate white flower has been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety symptoms. Studies have shown that Jasmine can stimulate your brain to improve your mood and energy levels. Here are six scents to buy now. Feel good… smell great at

 yardley london lavender

 Yardley’s English Lavender was first created in 1913.  It’s an aromatic, spicy, woody and floral scent centering around lavender but also include calming ingredients such as neroli, and clary sage. It is a favorite amongst men and women.

 For her, try a spritz of a subtle and cooling fragrance from the famed 4711 company  4711 Remix Lavender Cologne, which also has a large amount of (70-80 percent) alcohol, the primary ingredient in many hand sanitizers used today and in scarce supply..Looking for refreshing, sparkling cologne to take the edge off?  Aromatic and citrus notes combine in Caron Pour Home Sport is a high alcohol cologne from the storied house of Caron  and contains a blend of three lavenders, which are certain to soothe during troubling times.

jasmine Joy Patou

The iconic Joy by Patou is one of the most famous fragrances in the world, and is said to have an extraordinarily high concentration of jasmine… 10600 jasmine blooms in each ounce.

L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci was created in 1948 by Francis Fabron, (its iconic flacon has two intertwining doves as the stopper) is a joyous fruit floral garland laden with jasmine. 72 years later it still is the House of Ricci’s most popular and beloved fragrances.

There are two types of jasmine in Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir the costly jasman sambac with its feel good fruity nuances and jasmin grandiflorum which as a heady scent.

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