Fragrance Information

Written by Leanna Serras

When you think of the word fragrant, you usually think of something that has a pleasant smell. However, all fragrances are essentially made up of many chemicals, which are organic compounds that will vaporize when air hits them. Some fragrances may impact a person’s health because of the chemicals that are in them, so it is important to know what is in the products that you use. No Harm is an excellent place to learn about what goes into the many products that women buy.

Women who are pregnant should especially take extra precautions to what kinds of perfumes, sprays and lotions that they are wearing, especially when worn on a daily basis. Women who are experiencing morning sickness may be especially susceptible to the chemicals that are found in the many products that can be bought, as different smells can aggravate an already upset stomach. Additionally, research has shown that male fetuses may become damaged by the different chemicals found in some makeup.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the selling of different fragrances, from the dollar-store variety and discount perfume to the most expensive. All labels must have the ingredients listed on the bottle, and they will be listed by order of predominance. It should be known, though, that cosmetics do not have to be safety tested before they go on the market.

Regulation of the fragrance industry has been a topic of debate for years. Many fragrances on the store shelves contain “trade secrets”, and the company selling the product may not want every ingredient listed. In these cases, certain chemicals and ingredients are allowed to be left out. To comply with the law, the word fragrance will be included in the ingredients, but this may represent dozens or more ingredients that are actually in the perfume.

It is important to understand what chemicals are in the products used on your body. Take the time to research what is actually in that bottle; to make sure it is not causing unnecessary health problems.