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Written by Leanna Serras

Lipstick is the ultimate cosmetic item that women have been using for centuries with a diversely accepted history. Queen Cleopatra is said to have tinted her lips red with henna to improve her sexual presence. During the 1800’s cosmetics were considered to be worn by women of lower caliber such as actresses and prostitutes, while during World War II women wanted to “put on a brave face” for their men who were active in the war coming home. The cosmetic industry has been ever changing but one constant staple has always been lipstick with 65% of women using lipstick daily and 25% of women refusing to leave their house without it.

Leading Lipstick Manufacturers Around the World :

The Lipsticks Celebrities Use (brands/colors)

Celebrity style is often idolized and replicated by fans. Below is just a small compilation of some influential celebrities and their stamp on the makeup industry.

Lipstick Application Tips

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