Which Popular Fragrance Brands Have the Most Followers on Social Media?

Which fragrance brands have the most social media influence? Using the follower counts on the most popular social media platforms, the FragranceX team found the number of followers for the top perfume brands in the world to see just how many people their fragrance content reaches. We tallied their total number of followers across six of the top social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok. Some of these popular perfume brands also have fragrance and beauty-focused social media accounts to expand their reach even further, so you’ll also find a list of the top fragrance Instagram accounts and Facebook pages. Keep in mind that a majority of the brands on our list sell more than just perfumes, as many are also major players in the world of fashion, makeup, and more.

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Which Popular Fragrance Brands Have the Most Followers on Social Media?

Which Fragrance Brand Has The Most Social Media Followers?

The perfume brand with the most followers on social media is Victoria’s Secret, which has 112.4 million followers across their various social media channels. A majority of their followers can be found on Victoria Secret’s Instagram account where they have over 70 million followers, far more than Chanel’s in second-place with 46.2 million Instagram followers. Victoria’s Secret had the most followers on all of the biggest social media platforms, except for Twitter and TikTok. Their 10.6 million Twitter followers came in second to Chanel’s 13.3 million. When it comes to TikTok, Gucci and Dior dominate with 1.4 and 1.3 million TikTok followers respectively; while Victoria’s Secret only has 113,700 followers on TikTok.

The 10 Fragrance Brands With The Most Social Media Followers

Some of the perfume brands listed also had fragrance or beauty-specific Instagram or Facebook accounts where they would also share fragrance content, so we took their number of followers on these accounts into consideration with separate lists ranking them by number of followers.

The Fragrance Brands With Fragrance/Beauty Instagram Accounts, Ranked By Number of Followers

The Fragrance Brands With Fragrance/Beauty Facebook Accounts, Ranked By Number of Followers

Which Social Media Platform Has The Most Followers of All of The Fragrance Brands?

Instagram is the top social media platform with the most followers of all the fragrance brands listed, with a total of 440.9 million Instagram followers. These totals also include the fragrance or beauty-specific accounts as well.

The Social Media Platforms Ranked By Total Followers of the Top Fragrance Brands

With so many followers to impress, these top fragrance brands have been known to create some of the best perfume marketing campaigns. Do you have a favorite perfume campaign on social media that sticks out in your mind?

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