Demeter Provence Meadow Perfume

Demeter Provence Meadow Perfume By  Demeter for Women

Demeter Provence Meadow Perfume by Demeter, Demeter Provence Meadow is formulated to evoke the experience of relaxing on a bed of wildflowers in a meadow in southern France. You’ll love the fresh, spicy, invigorating herbal notes including lavender, basil, fennel, rosemary and thyme.
Living herbs are used in the fragrance to create its distinctive green appeal. Fans of this perfume say that it’s lively, sophisticated and complex, with a subtle mystery that will make it your next go-to
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Customer Comments offers on-line shoppers almost everything that they could want - in this category. I found the perfume that I wanted @ a price [including shipping] that was far below the local price for the same product. Shipping was as promised - I had the product in the 2-5 day shipping window promised. With companies like this, I won't be shopping locally for these types of products anytime soon.
G. Regords (Dallas, TX)