La Provence Home Diffuser

La Provence Home Diffuser By  L'Artisan Parfumeur for Women

La Provence Home Diffuser by L'artisan Parfumeur, La Provence Home Diffuser is a home fragrance item that has fragrance notes of lavender, rosemary, hay, tomato leaf, and basil. This scent is also available in the form of a white terracotta ball diffuser.
A crystallized version of the fragrance is housed inside the ball, which can be displayed as objet d’art. The box for the diffuser is decorated with images of lavender fields in Provence.

L’artisan Parfumeur is a French niche
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Customer Comments

I was very impressed and pleased by your service. I was shopping around for the perfume I ordered for my wife's birthday gift. I could not find it at many stores that I went; so I decided to buy it online. I must say that many other sites had it for double of what you had it for and when I saw your price I was sceptical because it was so much cheaper. I ended up ordering it anyway and seeing the Yahoo rating of your site made me feel a lot more easier in placing my order. I must tell you I was very pleased, I am a very picky consumer and when I shop I like to know what I am getting into. My order was here quicker than expected and from the day I placed my order I recieved an e-mail confirming it. Once again I am a very satisfied customer and I know where I am going to buy my Mother's birthday gift.
S. Wiltshire (Waukegan, IL)