Nicolai Oud Sublime Perfume

Nicolai Oud Sublime Perfume By  Nicolai for Women

Nicolai Oud Sublime Perfume by Nicolai, Released in 2016 as a fragrance for both men and women, Nicolai Oud Sublime is an oriental woody perfume. The opening layer invites you in with top notes of ambrette, coriander, artemisia and davana.
The fragrance becomes darker as the middle takes over and heart notes of earthy cypriol, patchouli, Cambodian oud and Atlas cedar come together with spicy cumin and delicate rose. These soon melt away, allowing the base to become prominent. The composition is
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This was definitely a great experience - especially considering that a local "discount" perfume shop wanted almost $85.00 for the same thing. The owner even talked about how little mark-up they were making on the sale. Yeah, right. I can almost purchase 2 bottles for what she wanted to charge me. I am very happy with my shopping with! Customer Survey