1. I love this website and i like the fact the you sell testers for a lower price and that if I'm not completely satisfied with my order i can return it

    Majorie 已验证买家
    Lorton, VA, USA 7/29/2020
  2. The excellent shop give some with the order to make us happy and small things when I look for an item and you don't have still you take my to the next page and you till my Similar

    mansour 已验证买家
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 7/29/2020
  3. Im very much satisfied with the quality of the perfumes I ordered,easy to find,with clarity of selection,details and with lower prices compared to other online merchants....for sure i would recommend to my friends and relatives.

    Cecilia M 已验证买家
    Edmonton , AB, Canada 7/28/2020
  4. I bought two perfumes from your company and both products came on time what everything you said it would be love it I will buy again from you thank you so much

    Toni B 已验证买家 Kissimmee , FL, United States 7/28/2020
  5. I love your product and the customer service. I bought so many from you and all of them are so good. Nice product. Thank you for your amazing service.

    Farzana A 已验证买家
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 7/28/2020
  6. Im so excited I found this site the prices are so much more affordable when your given the option to by testers or perfumes without all the fancy packaging. Ive purchased the perfumes all ready. I like reading the descriptions of the fragrence I only have that and the previous ratings to go by to determine a purchase. I like all three of mine and plan to get more. I appreciate that my name can be placed on a list if the product is not available and Ill be informed when its back. Im glad I found you!

    Deanna C 已验证买家 Daleville, AL, United States 7/28/2020
  7. I tried FragranceX for the first time a few months ago and have officially switched to them as my primary place to purchase my fragrances. 90% of the time I am able to find exactly what I am looking for. Product descriptions are detailed and accurate. Shipping times are great, even when selecting the standard shipping option. Prices are extremely competitive as well. I recommend FragranceX to everyone.

    Monique J 已验证买家
    Plum, PA, United States 7/28/2020
  8. I like your products even tho some fragrances smell disappear fast, the good thing is the delivery comes very fast which is I like it very much, that's why I recommend it to all my friends and family...

    Wassila B 已验证买家
    Astoria, NY, United States 7/28/2020
  9. I've purchased twice from FragranceX.com so far in the last 2 months and I am quite pleased with what I have ordered. The shipping time is excellent! The fragrances are great! I will be using this company again and I highly recommend them!

    Catherine G 已验证买家
    Philadelphia, PA, United States 7/28/2020
  10. There's a wide range of perfumes sold here, I managed to find alot of rarer ones that are not available in retail stores and the prices here are great! The delivery is good, products are all delivered without damage. They also allow cash on delivery which is a plus for me! Customer support could be a bit better, otherwise I'm very satisfied and would recommend it to others.

    Liew C 已验证买家
    Singapore, Singapore, Singapore 7/27/2020