1. Fragrancex.com is an easy comprehensive website that allows you to select fragrances of all kinds including: type, size, testers, or factory packaged. Unlike many websites, Fragrancex.com gives a detailed description of the fragrance and will also suggest similar ones as well. They also have a 30 day return policy, which I find valuable. I have always been satisfied with every purchase.

    Angie 已验证买家
    Stone Mountain , GA, USA 7/31/2020
  2. Wonderful site with the lowest prices we have ever encountered for a product that we have purchased for decades from both retail and online facilities. Definitely will order again and have recommended you to numorous people.

    Al 已验证买家
    West Palm Beach, FL, USA 7/31/2020
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    Kevin 已验证买家
    New bedford, MA, USA 7/31/2020
  4. Good remember this back from child hood hard to find but smells one of a kind and lasts all day when u blaze 4 ls in your car clambaked and 6 hrs later go to a girls house n they be like omg u smell soo good gets me laid all the time

    Ralph M 已验证买家
    SPRING HILL, FL, United States 7/31/2020
  5. I was informed of fragrancex.com through watching a YouTube video of a guy comparing colognes. The website has a huge variety of fragrances that's hard to find in stores. I recommend fragrancex.com to others because of the variety and the prompt service. It's even better that you can do installments on the product as well. I will be a customer here instead of stores from now on.

    James K 已验证买家
    Flint, MI, United States 7/30/2020
  6. There is a great selection and low prices on many perfumes on your site. I will plan to continue purchasing from FragranceX. Thank you!

    Nohemi L 已验证买家
    El Paso, TX, United States 7/30/2020
  7. I really like this site they have a very nice variety to choose from the price is very reasonable your product is delivered on time i highly recommend them to other people and most definitely will be ordering from them again

    Antonio S 已验证买家
    St.Louis Missouri, MO, United States 7/30/2020
  8. Fast shipping! Easy to find what we’re looking for. I recommend Fragrancex to friends and family. Love shopping here because of their prices!!

    Stephanie C 已验证买家 Alton, TX, United States 7/30/2020
  9. I have no complaints and plan on ordering again! i ordered perfume for my moms birthday. Shipping was super fast, prices were perfect! I'm just patiently waiting for my favorite C by Chloe to come back in stock!

    Camelia B 已验证买家
    New York, NY, United States 7/30/2020
  10. I liked my experience with Fragrance X. Decent prices, good selection altho EDT, EDP and some other Edition are grouped together and sometimes hard to find.

    Dejan 已验证买家
    San Antonio, TX, USA 7/30/2020