Makeup Tips

Written by Leanna Serras

How to Apply Makeup

Let's face it; women aren't born with the skills needed to paint our faces on every morning. It takes practice to learn the best techniques to get that all "natural" look. If you are having trouble mastering the basics, here are some tips and tutorials. Make sure you practice!:

Best Makeup For Specific Skin Types

All skin types are not created equal. Whether you have super dry skin, or by 1pm your skin starts to reflect like a mirror, there's the perfect makeup and foundation out there for you. Read the information below for more help:

Why SPF?

Not sure if you should choose a makeup that has SPF? You probably should. Read on to find out why:

All About the Eyes

Want to make your eyes pop without looking like MeMe from the Drew Carey show? The tips and how-to's below will take you from a casual day look to a stunning evening pallet that will have everyone asking how you did it!

Perfect Pout

Interested drawing attention to your luscious lips? Bring out the lip liner and the lip gloss to create a beautiful kisser! Learn more with the tips below:

Beautiful Blush

Want to get that natural flushed cheek glow? Achieve that look with the right application techniques and the right blush colors. Get informed on blush with the resources below: