The Ultimate Beauty Resource

Written by Leanna Serras


Hair Boutique: Articles, tips, and tricks from professional hairstylists

Virtual Hair Care: A virtual salon that answers questions about hairstyles and hair care

Guide to Healthy Hair: Guide to hair care from CNN


Exercise and Physical Fitness: Guide from Georgia State University

Fitness Magazine: Explore weight loss guides, exercise routines, and articles on total wellness

Men's Journal: The online home of Men's Journal Magazine

Shape: The online home of Shape Magazine, filled with fitness and beauty tips

Exercise Library: Videos, tutorials, and advice about exercise from the American Council on Exercise

Skin and Skin Care

Skin Care Guide: A guide to proper skin care written by dermatologists

Anti-Aging Tips: Tips on skincare to reduce the signs of aging from Allure magazine

Skincare and Makeup Articles: A guide from

Health Risks of Perfume: Before you buy that cheap cologne, read these potentially dangerous ingredients. Choose quality perfumes to avoid spraying poison on your skin

Hair Styles


Ideal Body Weight Calculator: Do you weigh what you should? Find out now!

How to Detox Your Body: Feel healthier in days with a healthy detox program

Lose Weight: Learn how to lose weight in a healthy manner

Make up and Cosmetics

Beauty Tips: Makeup and hair tips from Fashion magazine

Makeup for the Holidays: Get decked out for all of the parties with these tips from Fashion Lines

Beauty Blog: Blog with tips and reviews maintained by Flare Magazine

Hollywood Makeover: Find out what the biggest trends in makeup are and try them on virtually

Paula's Choice: Makeup and skin care articles, tips, reviews, and advice from an expert makeup artist

Wedding Scents: Getting married? Find your perfect fragrance from a wide selection of popular fragrances.


Tips for Beautiful Nails: Frugal-minded tips for keeping your nails in great shape


What Is Cellulite: A medical description of cellulite

Cellulite Treatment Reviews: Reviews popular cellulite treatment options

Cellulite Treatments: Learn about the popular cellulite treatments and their benefits

What Causes Cellulite?: A scholarly article on cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Exercises: Exercises that can lower the visual impact of cellulite

Varicose Veins

What Are Varicose Veins: A medical look at this unsightly condition

How to Prevent the Formation of Varicose Veins: A doctor gives his advice as to how to prevent varicose veins from forming

Varicose Vein Treatment Options: Mayo Clinic states the current treatments for varicose veins