Find Your Perfect Wedding Fragrance

image of Find Your Perfect Wedding Fragrance

Planning the perfect wedding means making so many choices. You will need to pick your venue, your dress, your cake and much more.

One choice you might not have started thinking about is what kind of fragrance you will be wearing on your special day. To choose the perfect scent you should think about the style, theme and season of the wedding. A summer wedding might warrant a lighter, brighter fragrance than a winter wedding would.

Another factor to consider is your personality, which should play a part when choosing a signature wedding scent. To help you get an idea of what scents go best with what personality traits, we’ve created a guide to help you find the best wedding scent for your personal style. Make your way down the line to see which fragrance is your perfect match.

Once you find your wedding scent you can purchase a fragrance that embodies the note you ended up with. Spray it on your special day to make sure everyone you hug gets a whiff of the scent that fits your personality the best. You can find some popular examples below!

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