1. Great Product, great price, great company......The Best Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  2. The last purchase I made was for and Elizabeth Arden fragrance which even after the conversion to U.S currency was considerably cheaper than I would have been able to purchase it for anywhere her in Canada. The selection is fantastic though I do very often find particular favorites (scents with patchouli as a note for example) out of stock. I don't often find myself in a situation where the topic of fragrance comes up but in the rare case that it might I would definitely recommend FragranceX as a great place to purchase from.

    Angie Verified Buyer Chilliwack, Canada4/15/2018
  3. Fast shipping and best prices out there. I purchased two products in the last month and ready to buy again.

    rodrigue Verified Buyer st-lambert, Canada4/15/2018
  4. Everything I order comes out to be exactly what I wanted!!! You guys are the best!!

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  5. I’ve been purchasing perfume and deodorant from FragranceX for quite a few years now. I’m very satisfied with the quality and price, and the products last for over a year. (Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan)

    Jeanne Verified Buyer Weymouth, MA, USA4/15/2018
  6. I like to buy testers cheaper good service shippment expensive shippment

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  7. I switched to Fragrancex.com about 3 yrs ago because the co. I used before could not supply me.I have been very happy with the prices & the product. I have been using Royal Copenhagen Musk for 0ver 40 yrs.I work part time as a customer service rep and women are always saying you sure smell good. I even have men ask what I`m wearing..I can`t tell them where I get it because we sell cologne where I work.

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  8. VEry fast delivery, very satisfy. Will order other products when needed. Many thanks

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  9. I'm sad because you don't Have my lovely perfume DELICE of CARTIER, I hope you will receive soon. And when you receive DELICE de CARTIER please let's me know. Sorry for my bad English I'm a French people. Have a nice day

    Verified Buyer 4/15/2018
  10. Would like to know if a fragrance is no longer being produced, hence the lack of stock....

    Robert E Verified Buyer Victoria, Canada4/15/2018