Gratitude is all about expressing your appreciation for something or someone, no matter how big or small it may be. It’s a form of self-care as well as a way to spark positivity and inspire others around you. Expressing gratitude and sharing it with others offers a variety of benefits including improving your self-esteem and […]

While scrolling through your favorite social channel, you land on an ad of beautiful individuals showcasing a new alluring perfume that you just have to have. When you shop around for the scent, other ads displaying “niche” fragrances pop up, making you stop and ask yourself, “What is a niche fragrance?” In the world of […]

Celebrity Scents often get a bad rap because there are so many of them. The best celebrity perfumes can hold up to any designer, niche or luxury fragrance because they are exceptional, especially when the mega-stars are actively involved in the process. Here are five celebrity perfumes that our experts at think are worth […]

From fashion magazines to goodie bags, we acquire perfume samples from various places. Before we know it, these samples start to pile up under the bathroom vanity, in your purse or in a toiletry bag in the back of your closet. Sometimes you may like the sample’s fragrance, but not enough to replace your signature […]

We’ve all been there once — you’re staring at two products, trying to decide which one will fit your needs best. Will aftershave vs. cologne get you that much-desired smell? Should you use both of them? It’s hard to know which will suffice, but when you do know, you’ll pick the right product for the […]

Your scent walks in the door before you do — the way you smell has the power to make a lasting impression if it’s done well (or if it’s done poorly). Even with the most luxurious cologne, an incorrect application can make the difference between a subtle, attractive scent and a few raised eyebrows when […]

If you are looking for a quick pick-me-up and boost of confidence, a refreshing fragrance mist is the way to go. You might be asking yourself what is fragrance mist and how is it different from perfume? A fragrance mist (AKA body mist) is an affordable low concentration perfume that gives you that fresh-out-the-shower scent […]

In the words of master perfumer, Olivier Creed, “a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume.” But will he remember your body mist? You may have heard the terms parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, or eau de cologne before. Each is a category referring to the strength of […]

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