Throughout the years, many iconic women have shaped our perception of beauty, influencing the purchases we make to achieve that perception. Through hard work, drive and innovation, these women have forged new paths, built empires and become some of the most successful entrepreneurs who ever lived. Known for their beauty and brains, these women have […]

At we invite you to visit our curated selection of classic and contemporary colognes and perfumes that you will want to give and to get for the holidays… and wear for years to come. A legendary fragrance is always a perfect gift. L’air Du Temps by Nina Ricci was created in 1948 by Francis […]

It’s no secret that a person’s sense of smell can impact the way that we perceive them. While picking out a new fragrance is a personal errand, there’s no doubt that your choice affects those closest to you. When it comes to selecting a cologne, your preference is important, of course. But it’s also key […]

It’s the best time of the year — the holidays! Many people will be starting to think about gifts for their family and friends and what better way to say you appreciate someone than with the gift of self-care. Bath bombs are the perfect gift that you can make in bulk with ingredients that don’t […]

Most perfume lovers know that one of the best ways to make your perfume last longer is by washing your body with a soap that complements the perfume you are planning to wear. The soap then not only complements the perfume but actually helps it stay potent throughout the day. The only problem is — […]

Many floral fragrances make us think we should wear them only in spring and summer. These days there is no season to wear a certain classification of scents.  We recommend floral fragrances with notes of woods, musk and amber tinged with spices that can stand up to cooler climates and meld on your skin like  […]

Just because they’re man’s best friend doesn’t mean they don’t get stinky — yes, we’re talking about Fido. Whether they’re lounging on the couch or cuddling with you, dogs can give off a scent that is unpleasant. Luckily, there’s a fix. You can go to the store to buy pre-made scent neutralizers, but it’s hard […]

Rose water is a liquid byproduct of the rose plant, usually Rosa damascena — or the Damask rose. The name spawns from the plant’s origins in Iran, though it is now heavily cultivated in India, Turkey, Bulgaria and other areas of Europe.  The plant was originally used by ancient Persians for its health and beauty […]

Any jet-setting fashionista knows that you have to be careful when it comes to traveling with makeup. There are so many different rules and regulations about what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on, and it can definitely get confusing. Should you bring liquid makeup or powder? Can you even bring your favorite perfume […]

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