Celebrities influence many aspects of our culture. From the latest trends to finding hot restaurants in big cities, there’s a reason celebrities are considered the first “influencers,” even since before social media took off in the early 2000s. Since the inception of celebrity culture, celebrities have had a heavy hand in guiding our decisions, whether […]

Fragrance, like your wardrobe should start with a basic scent, think of it as your little  black dress or navy suit and it should take you  from the office to cocktails and from dawn to dusk.  The task may sound daunting since there are thousands of fragrances but Fragrance X will help  take some of […]

From the beach to the pool, from barbecues to firework shows, summer is one of the most exciting times of year. The cold and gloom of winter is long gone, and there’s no end to the possibilities that the summertime holds. This season is one of the most exciting times of year for many reasons, […]

In most ways, attracting a partner in the animal kingdom is considerably different than our customs as humans. Animals have the luxury of avoiding the awkward small talk, getting-to-know-ya stages associated with mating. However, we do share one similarity when it comes to attracting a potential match: a natural release of pheromones. While pheromones can […]

While there are many different scent families, notes and scents of perfumes, the most common, and most popular scent is floral. Consisting of notes of rose, jasmine, gardenia and other fragrant blossoms, these perfumes are feminine, classy and romantic. Though these perfumes hold the spirit of springtime in every spritz, they can be worn year-round […]

The cold, dreary nights of winter can feel never-ending, but spring is finally on the horizon. As the days get longer, find a fragrance that can warm up those last winter nights and keep you feeling fresh into spring days. To get you started, we’ve compiled our favorite winter fragrances to help you beat the winter […]

Your wedding day is undeniably one of the most special days of your life. Whether you choose to have a blowout, black-tie bash with 300 guests or an intimate gathering with your closest family and friends, you want the day you say “I do” to be one to remember. To reminisce on their wedding, some […]

An exquisite hand-tied bouquet of fragrant blooms. A crystal atomizer filled with the signature scent of a classic perfume. An artfully aged bottle of vintage wine. Individually, any one of them would make a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Given together as a curated collection that weaves all their fragrances, colors and flavors together will […]

Are you ready to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? With just a dab of a sexy fragrance behind your ear, you instantly feel bolder. Confidence makes you stand a little taller, and people lean in a little closer. The way to his heart isn’t through his stomach; it’s through his nose. Whether your style […]

What is a romantic scent? It is a perfume that beckons to lean in a little closer. Fragrance is the ultimate aphrodisiac and communicates desire just by walking into a room. This Valentine’s Day treat yourself and the one you love with perfumes and colognes that will make heads and noses turn in their direction.  Love Love? […]

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