Many of us want to travel again after over a year of staying home. A recent survey notes that this summer, 60 percent of Americans are ready for that post postponed vacation. Despite many international destinations easing out of lockdown and opening borders, experts say Americans will likely stick to domestic travel for the foreseeable […]

Coco Chanel once said that a girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous. Although you can always don a nice dress or strap on a pair of heels, I firmly believe that the best—and most effortless—way to present yourself as such is through the power of scent. The eponymous clothing and accessories designer […]

Bursts of fruity freshness — without smelling like a Starbust  When it comes to sexy scents, most people think of woodsy fragrances, but in summer we all want to feel light and fresh. That’s where fruity perfumes come in. Though they’re wonderful and appropriate year-round, fruity scents are particularly popular for warmer weather. That’s when […]

It’s hard to pinpoint the psychological appeal behind celebrity fragrances, but it’s definitely there. There’s just something about a colorful bottle emblazoned with the name of your favorite pop star or actress that makes it so… desirable. The glory days of celebrity perfumes have somewhat plateaued (remember Britney Spears’ Fantasy?), but some household names have […]

June is a great month to celebrate the men you love with a gift of fragrance. Finding the perfect cologne doesn’t have to be tricky. If your dad is still wearing the same fragrance he wore when you were a kid, it’s time for a scent intervention. Whether he is a hipster or a traditional […]

Summer is a time to let your hair down, step out in nature, and feel the lightness around you. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make memories with family and friends, and a freeing invitation to try new fragrances.  But which summer perfume is best for you? Follow along to find your perfect summer fragrance! […]

Annick Menardo worked at International Flavor and Fragrances, a top industry company since 1991 and is now a master perfumer at Symrise. You may not know Annick Menardo’s name but she’s the perfumer behind a wide range of perfumes and colognes. She is known for her use of smoky notes and anise (a licorice-like ingredient) […]

If the phrase “vanilla perfumes” transports you back to middle school — spritzing a bit of mom’s fragrance on your inner wrists — it’s time to fall in love with today’s updated line. I spent most of my early years eagerly saving enough piggybank cash to afford a Juicy Couture vanilla perfume to wow the […]

As you pack your bags for an upcoming vacation or business trip, you may run across your favorite bottle of cologne that would be the perfect final touch to wear out to dinner or that special event, which then stems the question, “can you bring cologne on a plane?” Like most toiletries, cologne and other […]

Perfume is one of the top beauty products sold online, but shipping it can be a challenge because of its fragile containers and tricky ingredients. After looking at all of the rules and regulations put in place by most mailing services, shipping perfume can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with some research and understanding […]