Annick Menardo worked at International Flavor and Fragrances, a top industry company since 1991 and is now a master perfumer at Symrise. You may not know Annick Menardo’s name but she’s the perfumer behind a wide range of perfumes and colognes. She is known for her use of smoky notes and anise (a licorice-like ingredient) […]

If the phrase “vanilla perfumes” transports you back to middle school — spritzing a bit of mom’s fragrance on your inner wrists — it’s time to fall in love with today’s updated line. I spent most of my early years eagerly saving enough piggybank cash to afford a Juicy Couture vanilla perfume to wow the […]

As you pack your bags for an upcoming vacation or business trip, you may run across your favorite bottle of cologne that would be the perfect final touch to wear out to dinner or that special event, which then stems the question, “can you bring cologne on a plane?” Like most toiletries, cologne and other […]

Perfume is one of the top beauty products sold online, but shipping it can be a challenge because of its fragile containers and tricky ingredients. After looking at all of the rules and regulations put in place by most mailing services, shipping perfume can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with some research and understanding […]

Knowing how to refill perfume bottles is a great skill to have for the avid perfume wearer. Not only does it make traveling easier if you’re trying to condense your favorite perfume into a smaller bottle, but it’s great for those who love to upcycle and craft with their empty perfume bottles. One glance at […]

Each year the fragrance industry gathers to nominate legendary perfumes and colognes to induct into a Hall of Fame. With thousands of perfumes throughout the years, their criteria takes in consideration overall composition, popularity and standing the test of time. In 2021, a renowned panel of experts cast their votes for five legendary fragrances. You […]

A perfume atomizer is a petite perfume applicator that sprays a luxuriously fine mist for convenient and more efficient delivery. Perfume atomizers have become a necessity for scent enthusiasts not just because they help your perfume last longer, but also because they’re incredibly lightweight, durable, have a remarkable fragrance delivery, and are easy to refill. […]

High end designer and luxury fragrances can cost in the hundreds of dollars. You don’t have to break your budget or spend big bucks to smell rich or famous. Here is a guide to the best of the best affordable perfumes, all authentic and sold for a fraction of department store prices at Fragrance X. […]

Applying a fragrance is the final touch to make you feel complete and confident. The great thing about picking out a signature scent is that each perfume or cologne smells different, making it a great way to make a personal statement every time you walk into a room. Since ancient times, people have used scented […]

If you haven’t heard about it already, “bathleisure” is a new trend that’s been taking over social media. It’s a fashion trend all about wearing comfortable lounging clothes, robes, slippers and even a towel around your head. Obviously, these looks aren’t typically worn out in public, but are commonly featured in selfies or stories on […]

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