Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer is quickly approaching. Pack away those heavy colognes and choose a perfume perfecto to wear in summer as the temperature soars. The experts at have curated our favorite warm-weather fragrances to enjoy all summer long. Since its launch in 1996, Acqua di Gio has been a best […]

Over the last several decades, Versace became an idolized brand worn by celebrities from around the world. Founded by Italian designer Gianni Versace, the luxury fashion company released its first fragrance in 1981. Since then, Versace fragrances have become world-renowned. Whether you’re looking to find your signature scent or expand your fragrance collection, Versace perfumes […]

Floral perfumes are one of the most popular fragrances for a reason — who doesn’t want to smell as fresh and beautiful as a bouquet of the most aromatic blooms? From spicy and sexy to light and delicate, there is a wide range of floral fragrances to choose from when it comes to deciding on […]

Whether you occasionally read your horoscope for fun or know your natal chart frontwards, backwards and upside down, chances are you know that your star sign is aligned with certain aspects of your personality. These personality traits lend themselves to many different areas of your life, including which perfumes are best for you. Whether you’re […]

When shopping for perfumes and colognes, you might have wondered: what makes these two so different? Besides the misconception that cologne is worn solely by men and perfume is worn only by women, the main difference between cologne vs. perfume is the amount, or concentration, of oils in the fragrance. Perfumes have the highest concentration […]

Between Father’s Day and graduations, there are lots of reasons to celebrate your special guy in June. Show him how much you care with a new cologne. Whether you want to help dad freshen up his look or give a new grad a scent that’s sure to have him standing out, our fragrance experts are […]

 The idea of meeting the “love of your life” online has a new reality.  Right now, your chats and texts will not lead  to an “in person” date. That’s not what will happen during these stay at home and social distancing times. Even if online dating these days is Virtual- ZOOM or Facetime, confidence is […]

When it comes to deciding how to scent a DIY project, whether it’s homemade soap, bath bombs, candles or perfume, there are two primary options you can choose from: fragrance oils and essential oils. While it may seem like the only difference between fragrance and essential oils is one word, there’s actually quite a few […]

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