Perfumes complement your personality and lifestyle, so why not choose a scent that empowers you? From season to season, brands craft musk perfumes to allure those around you and turn heads. The best musk perfumes use the ingredient as a base note to tease the senses and last for all-day wear. The animalistic note is […]

Books take their readers on a journey. Whether you step into a romantic world of flowers and confessions of love; a long adventure full of mythical creatures and sword fights; or a historical retelling of real events, avid readers often enjoy the escape from reality that novels provide.  Our favorite books can have a huge […]

We’ve all gotten a whiff of a scent that makes us feel sick before. But, if the smell of perfume or cologne leaves you with watering eyes, persistent sneezing, or headaches, then you may have fragrance sensitivity. This condition can impact your daily life, requiring you to be cautious when selecting everything from toiletries to […]

Summer always goes too fast, and it’s almost time to get back into the classroom. Whether you’re moving off to college for the first time, or headed to another year of high school, the first day of school is a special chance to make an impression. Set yourself up for the best school year yet […]

Luscious fruits straight from the orchard are one of the summer’s greatest pleasures. In the fragrance world, however, some fall short. Fruity perfumes shouldn’t smell like they were created for a 12-year-old or make you feel like you’re wearing a fruit salad. Where others fall short, these sophisticated fruity fragrances are spiked with spices, musk, […]

Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or someone who just likes having fresh-cut blooms to scent your home, you’re likely familiar with how flowers can transform the smell of wherever they are, from a landscaped garden to a vase in a living room. Poets, artists and interior designers alike all recognize flowers for their ability to […]

The history of perfume shows how perfumes transformed from being used to cover up body odor to being a luxury good. Today, perfume has become something that can help anyone feel sophisticated and put-together with just one spritz. Having such a rich and detailed history means that there are some classic fragrances that come to […]

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular for aromatherapy and household scenting. But in addition to their fragrant purposes, they’ve also been used in alternative health practices to help ease ailments like insomnia and depression. As humans use essential oils for alternative cures for non-life threatening ailments, we begin to wonder — are essential oils safe […]

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