What's Your Scent? Matching Perfumes to Personality

Written by Leanna Serras

Women wearing the right scent can command the attention of an entire room, without uttering a single word. That scent-her signature scent-is her secret weapon. Finding your signature scent is about more than finding a scent you like; it's about finding a scent that works with your personality. Your scent will speak volumes about you, so make sure it says the right thing!

Hopeless Romantic

If you consider yourself a hopeless romantic, you're likely drawn to sweet and/or floral fragrances that scream femininity. Try something like:

The Sporty Gal

If you're always on the go playing sports and doing whatever you need to do to keep yourself in shape, you're likely drawn to fresh, subtle scents, that energize you. Try something like:

The Fashionista

If you're always wearing the latest designer fashions and keeping up with the trends, then you want something that lets everyone know you know your stuff. Though it may be tempting to change fragrances with the seasons, your signature scent should stay the same, because it goes with you! Try:

The Fun Gal

If you're always down to have fun, and you can have fun wherever you are, no matter what you're doing, you probably like?Try:

The Earthy Gal

If you consider yourself a ?hippy chick? then you're likely drawn to floral and/or woody scents, with a subtle hint of sweetness. Try something like:

Whatever your personality, you'll likely need to smell many different perfumes to find the one you're most drawn to. You'll know your signature scent when you smell it. Nothing else will speak to you the way it does!