Burberry Perfumes & Colognes

1-23 of 23 Results
Burberry Perfumes & Colognes 1-23 of 23 Results

What Are the Best Burberry Perfumes?

Burberry originated as the inventor of the trench coat, but it
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What Are the Best Burberry Perfumes?

Burberry originated as the inventor of the trench coat, but it is now best known for its fresh, high-quality fragrances. Although it has many popular perfumes and colognes, it is well known for scents like the fruity and floral Burberry Weekend for women. It also offers enticing colognes, such as London for Men and Burberry Brit for Men, which rely on woodsy and leather notes.

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Brand FAQs

What Is Burberry Perfume?

The Burberry brand began in 1856 when Thomas Burberry invented the trench coat. Before this, people wore uncomfortable oil slickers, but Burberry's mission was to make comfy outerwear that stood up to London weather. Over one hundred years later, the brand was still one of the leading makers of outerwear in the UK, and it was able to add clothing and accessories to its lineup. Perfumes joined hesitantly, but since have become one of the brand's main products. Burberry fragrances are known for their high-quality ingredients and elegant packaging.

What Are the Most Popular Burberry Perfumes?

Burberry Eau de Parfum (1995) is best known for its fruity notes with a light powdery finish.

Burberry Her (2018) is a juicy scent full of berries and sweet vanilla notes

Burberry Brit (2003) combines classic sweet vanilla with citrus and almond notes.

What Are the Most Popular Burberry Colognes?

Burbery Men (1995) stands out with mint and lavender in this aromatic blend that doesn't shy away from a few floral notes alongside its classic masculine elements.

Burberry Touch for Men (2000) is the epitome of a fresh spicy scent and includes notes of violet leaf and white pepper.

Burberry Weekend for Men (1997) exudes confidence with its fresh citrus notes and complex base.

Are Burberry Fragrances Long-Lasting?

Burberry fragrances are designed with quality ingredients and make use of modern techniques and time-tested practices to ensure each scent remains as fresh as the day you bought it. These perfumes and colognes are particularly known for their complex timelines that evolve throughout the day.

Looking for long-lasting scents? Explore these guides for tips on the top long-lasting scents and find out how to make your perfume last longer:

How Much Does Burberry Perfume Cost?

For a high-quality designer perfume, many of Burberry's scents are affordably priced, especially with FragranceX discounts. Prices average between $20-30, but the occasional release may reach as low as $15 or as high as $52, depending on the size and ingredients.

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