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2024 Best Valentine’s Day Perfumes That Match Your Style

Whether you are a hopeless romantic, fun and flirtatious, sexy or adventurous, try one of our top picks for perfumes that match your style this Valentines’ Day. Wear them February 14th or any time you want to express the scented side of your personality.

Perfumes That Match Your Style: Romantic

Hot by Benneton

Hot by Benneton

If you style is romantic, most likely your go-to fragrance is a floral scent. Floral perfumes can be soft and delicate so raise his temperature with Hot by Benneton, where fruits and spices add some fireworks to the floral heart of freesia and peony.

Key Scent Notes: Brazilian rosewood, mandarin orange, lemon and bergamot iris, water jasmine and lily-of-the-valley

Amouage Blossom Love

Amouage Blossom Love

This romantic floral has love in its very name. Blossom Love opens with a hint of powdery heliotrope, a bit of citrus and tangy cherry/almond. This first impression instantly blooms into intoxicating amaretto colored with rose. The effect is vibrant, delightful, and ultra romantic.  If your style is to think pink, the perfume resides in an opaque pink curved bottles packaged in boxes replete with images of boughs of blooming cherries.

Key Scent Notes: cherry blossom nectar, rose liquor, ylang-ylang, amaretto accord, vanilla, tonka bean

Perfumes That Match Your Style: Fun and Flirty

Aquolina Pink sugar

Aquolina Pink Sugar

You are a flirt. So choose a scent that is as playful as you are. It may start off young and sweet, but there is nothing plain vanilla about Aquolina Pink Sugar which opens with innocent notes of berries and caramel.  Enter musk for the ultimate tease that will bring him to his knees.

Key Scent Notes: raspberry, orange, bergamot, cotton candy, licorice, strawberry, red berries, vanilla, caramel, musk

 I Love Love Perfume by Moschino

Moschino I Love Love

A heavy scent would be too much for your carefree personality. Try I Love Love Perfume by Moschino, a sparkling, fruity grapefruit cocktail that will make his head spin. Lots of fresh citrus notes mixed with a bit of cinnamon spice and musky woods make this scent both naughty and nice. According to a scientific study, wearing a perfume with a strong grapefruit note can make you appear six years younger to the opposite sex. Stock up.

Key Scent Notes: grapefruit, cinnamon, sugarcane, musk, red currant, woods

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Is there anything more cheerful than a sunflower? A fun and flirty perfume, Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers is light, warm and bright on the skin with the scent of peaches and white flowers. It is guaranteed to make him smile on Valentine’s Day and every day.

Key Scent Notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, melon, peach, osmanthus, orange blossom

Perfumes That Match Your Style: Sexy

Houbigant Alyssa Ashley Musk

You won’t need a plunging neckline or tight tee to strut your stuff. Our choices for a scent that matches your “come hither” style are perfumes with a dose of musk.

Musk by Alyssa Ashley

Musk reproduces the effect of pheromones which are also known as the aroma chemicals of attraction. Houbigant Alyssa Ashley Musk is a hidden gem of a scent that is classy and sassy, just like your style. Alyssa Ashley Musk smells like your skin but better. And what can be better than that.

Key Scent Notes: musk, tonka bean, iris, jasmine, bergamot

Tabu by Dana

Dana Tabu

Looking for a perfume  with a more noticeable scent trail? “Promise her anything but give her Tabu” was the slogan for this sexy fragrance of forbidden love that was created in the 1930s. Not for the timid, Tabu is for a woman with confidence, sensuality and knows how to make an entrance and bewitch all those around her.

Key Scent Notes:  spices, orange, coriander, neroli, cloves, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose amber, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar.

Perfumes That Match Your Style: Adventurous

If you love to travel, try a fragrance this Valentine’s Day that suits your adventurous style. Whether you explore the world style by jet, train or on foot, let perfume be your passport.

Kenzo Amour

Amour by Kenzo

Here’s a fragrance that’s all about amour -love. Created by perfumer Daphne Bugey, Kenzo Amour evokes a trip to Japan, where cherry blossoms are blooming and the smell of powdery almonds are in the air. Exotic frangipani wafts sweetly as you sip tea in a shaded garden. Vanilla envelops you as you wave good bye.

Key Scent Notes: cherry blossoms, rice white tea, frangipani, vanilla

Yves Saint Laurent Paris

Yves Saint Laurent Paris

Yves Saint Laurent’s vision was to pay a tribute to Paris and to its women whom he admired. Just like Paris and the Parisiennes, this rosy floral scent is at the same time modern and classic. It is the essence of joie de vivre in a bottle shaped like the Eiffel Tower and dedicated to women in full bloom.

Key Scent Notes: roses, mimosa. geranium, green notes, nasturtium, orange blossom, bergamot, violet, lily, lime blossom, ylang-ylang

Now that we took you through the best Valentine’s Day perfumes to suit your style and personality, head on over to FragranceX and shop bestsellers now.


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Fragrance advice and recommendations from Perfumista. Perfumista offers fragrance guides published often for every season and occasion, and well as extensive knowledge in the fragrance industry.

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image of Perfumista

Fragrance advice and recommendations from Perfumista. Perfumista offers fragrance guides published often for every season and occasion, and well as extensive knowledge in the fragrance industry.

More Articles from this Author

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