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Best Masque Milano Perfumes

Masque Milano is a niche perfume brand co-founded in 2013 by two native Italians, Alessandro Brun (born and raised in Milan) and Ricardo Tedeschi (born in Assisi) who desired to create perfumes that capture the richness of Italian craftsmanship.

Masque Milano perfumes are daring, artistic, and passionate. Based on the founders love of music and theater, many of the fragrances are called “operas.” Masque Milano perfumes are unisex and the perfumer’s name is written on each cap. Masque Milano works with well-known perfumers; many are young and beginning their career. Recently, one of the founders, Alessandro Brun passed away and chances are you have seen Masque Milano perfumes and their distinctive bottles on your Instagram feed as a tribute.

Here is our list of our favorites

Masque Milano Terraalba

Terralba Masque Milano

Terralba captures a walk through the brush while climbing steep hills and ending at the Mediterranean shore It is a marine scent with an opening reminiscent of crisp bright mornings, complete with fresh herbs growing all around. The sun shines, the birds are singing and the grass, still covered with frost, crunches underfoot. Warm rays caress your face, as you are surrounded by a crisp breeze and shaded by trees.

Key Scent Notes: clary sage, lemon, tangerine, myrtle, thyme, juniper, cypress, cedar wood

Luci ed Ombre

LUCI ED OMBRI Masque Milano

Luci et Ombre is a study a light and shadow. Beams of sunlight peek in and out of mysterious deep woods. Incense sets the stage for what is to come with a clear brilliance tinged with smoky incense.  Bright white florals rest on a bed of soft wet moss. These normally intense notes blend seamlessly with each other.

Key Scent Notes: incense, ginger, tuberose, jasmine, moss, cedarwood, patchouli

Masque Milano L’Atessa

L' Atessa Masque Milano

L’Attesa is one of the most celebrated of all the Masque Milano perfumes for its wonderful use of iris and champagne; L’Attesa uses three different irises, Italian iris absolute, Italian iris root butter and French iris root butter. The champagne top note brings an unexpected brightness and sparkle.

Key Scent Notes: Italian bergamot, Moroccan neroli, champagne accord, Italian iris., Italian iris root butter, French iris root butter, tuberose

Masque Milano Tango

Tango Masque Milano

Dark and sensuous, Tango, as its name suggest is an ambered dance, a dark duet of spice and flower, passion and resistance. Wear Masque Milano Tango and you are sure to be noticed. Great for evening or a date with exceptional sillage and longevity.

Key Scent Notes: bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, jasmine, Damascena rose, vanilla, amber accord, leather, musk

Love Kills

Love Kills by Masque Milano

For rose lovers, look no further than Love Kills. Despite its name, this rose perfume is very much alive: fresh, fruity and dewy. Masque Milano Love Kills is a versatile fragrance with added notes of patchouli and wood that balance the floralcy. Wear this in spring or to the office.

Notes: litchi, ambrette, Egyptian geranium, Turkish rose, green notes, patchouli

Masque Milano Kintsugi

Kintsugi by Masque Milano

A daring new twist on chypres, Masque Milano Kintsugi, was inspired by the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by filling the cracks with gold, and the belief that when something that has suffered damage and has a history is more beautiful. Voluptous florals, honeyed and bright mix with salty/savory notes in a thoroughly unexpected and unique perfume.

Key Scent Notes: bergamot magnolia savory amber, golden suede, rose

Masque Milano Madeleine

Masque Milano Madeleine

Madeleine is a fantastic gourmand, that is youthful yet chic, meant to capture the joie de vivre of young Parisienne girl the founders met at a café during their travels. It is one of the only Masque Milano perfumes to be created as a gourmand. Creamy white florals and chestnut-cocoa combine in great style with Chantilly cream in a fabulous fragrance that is delicious and wonderful.

Key Scent Notes: chestnut, Chantilly cream, tuberose, musk, vanilla pods

Now that we took you through the Best Masque Milano perfumes to suit your style and personality, head on over to FragranceX and shop bestsellers now.


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Fragrance advice and recommendations from Perfumista. Perfumista offers fragrance guides published often for every season and occasion, and well as extensive knowledge in the fragrance industry.

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image of Perfumista

Fragrance advice and recommendations from Perfumista. Perfumista offers fragrance guides published often for every season and occasion, and well as extensive knowledge in the fragrance industry.

More Articles from this Author

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