Black Cologne by Kenneth Cole: A Rare Scent for All Four Seasons

image of Black Cologne by Kenneth Cole: A Rare Scent for All Four Seasons

When you think of timeless fashion, what color is it?

Your grandfather’s crisp suit in a sepia photograph. A sleek luxury vehicle gliding silently down the highway. Coats and scarves on a frigid New York City night. The most stylish things in the world are black. It’s the only color that never goes out of fashion – and never will.

Launched in 2003, Black by Kenneth Cole captures this timeless elegance in a lustrous bottle. The fragrance, which was developed by Harry Fremont and Sabine De Tscharner, is redolent of finesse and luxury. It’s bold, powerful, but never ostentatious. If you’ve been looking for a scent that’s modern, yet somehow timeless, look no further.

Of course, every scent has its proper time and place. Some fragrances speak of summer days, sunshine and brilliance. Some scents are better for cool autumn evenings, the air crisp and a bit smokey. Some fragrances speak of dewy spring mornings. And some are perfect for cold winter evenings. Where does Black cologne by Kenneth Cole fit?

Why Black Cologne by Kenneth Cole is the Ideal Scent for All Four Seasons

kenneth cole black cologne packaging

Like the color itself, Black by Kenneth Cole has that rare universal quality. No matter the time or season, this cologne will nestle seamlessly into your life, leaving you curious how you got by without it.

Here are four choice moments, one from each season, where Kenneth Cole Black will fit in your life like a missing puzzle piece.

Summer: Sunday Brunch with Friends

Picture a picnic table on a shady lawn. There’s tart blueberries, fresh bread with jam, roasted squash, a bottle of sangria, and a few of your closest friends.

You’re dressed casually, of course. And amid all the cheer and bright colors, you fit perfectly – scented in Black. The gentle spice of this cologne’s top notes – basil, water mint, mandarin orange – adds a dash of elegance and verve to the day. Meanwhile, Black’s subtle fruitiness mingles with the sumptuous ripeness of the season.

Perhaps after dining, someone will break out the guitar. Or perhaps you’ll throw together a game of bocce. Maybe you’ll simply lounge in the shade, basking, and chatting. Scented with Black cologne by Kenneth Cole, your quiet, vibrant confidence will permeate the day – however you choose to lounge it away.

Autumn: First Day on the New Job

Professional. It’s a term that comes up again and again in reviews of Black cologne. But what makes a scent feel professional? What makes you feel professional?

With its heart of incense, cedar leaf, and nutmeg, Black cologne is an undeniably woody scent. It doesn’t shout, but speaks with a quiet authority. This is subtle, sweet masculinity, with nothing to prove.

That’s exactly the kind of scent you want to wear on your first day – and every day after that. So go ahead – meet the new team, shake hands with your boss, and make some friends at lunch. You’ll do it all with a sophisticated, spicy freshness that’s impossible to fake. Kenneth Cole’s Black isn’t just about confidence – it’s about competence.

Winter: Ice Skating with a New Crush

Although it’s perfect for every season, Black is perhaps most at home in the winter. Its exotic woodiness evokes long evenings by the fireplace, hot cider in hand, burrowing into a novel. In Black’s captivating, heady base notes – ambergris, soft violet, and musk – you’ll find an intoxicating, modern elegance.

And that sophisticated intrigue, that lustrous spice, is just one of the smoldering charms you’ll bring to your winter date at the outdoor ice-skating rink. Amid the joyous shouts of children and the sharp slice of steel blades on ice, you’ll radiate the subtle magnetism of the big city and its dark magic. Hold your date’s hand. Pull them close. Black is in the air, and neither of you will forget this night.

Spring: Delivering a Wedding Toast

The season of rebirth and renewal is marked by heartfelt ceremony, lasting commitments. When you stand at your beloved friend’s side and raise your glass to the newlyweds, Black cologne by Kenneth Cole will anchor you in its classic-modern style.

Like any good wedding speech, Black draws you in with light humor – its bright top notes of ginger and citrus. And like any good wedding speech, it touches your heart with its rich base notes – suede and musk. Scented in Black by Kenneth Cole, you’ll emanate the timeless sensuality you need to speak with verve, sophistication, and confidence.

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