12 Blue Perfumes and Colognes to Refresh Your Summer Look

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Blue is a color that we associate with summer. It evokes the sea and the sky. As we enjoy the first months of carefree days and long weekends, FragranceX.com invites you to explore twelve shades of blue perfumes and colognes.

Cool Off This Summer with These 12 Blue Perfumes and Colognes

In summer, “feeling blue” doesn’t have to denote sadness. Instead, it can mean feeling cool, refreshed, or relaxed. These twelve signature scents will leave you chasing the right type of blue all summer long.

Feminine Blue Scents

  1. L’Eau Par Kenzo
    Transparent aquatic notes and water lilies infused with aromatic mint is one of the reasons L’Eau Par Kenzo is a favorite scent for summertime. This simple yet memorable composition is perfect when you want a fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm or try too hard.
  2. Jo Malone Wild Bluebell
    Jo Malone Wild Bluebell is a romantic fragrance that is rumored to be a favorite of Meghan Markle. It is said the Duchess of Sussex wears it as her everyday scent. It may be the height of summer, but Wild Bluebell is spring in a bottle, a gentle floral with notes of crystalline jasmine, lily of the valley, and softwoods with a hint of spicy cloves and musk.
  3. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana
    Get lost in the tantalizing aroma of Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna. An emblem of a leisurely summer day, its top notes feature a refreshing blend of granny smith apple and lemon before giving way to a breezy floral heart. Like the sun retiring into the abyss, Light Blue deepens with musk base notes of cedarwood and amber.
  4. Mancera So Blue
    From the niche House of Mancera, Mancera So Blue is a scented journey from dusk to dawn and is perfect for warm weather. Lemon, bergamot, and mandarin are soaked in watery notes at the top, as we walk along the sea. A bright bouquet of summer roses and blue violets bloom in the heat over a warm base of resins and wood, softened by vanilla and amber. We think it is an excellent fragrance for romantic summer nights.
  5. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Mora Bella
    When it’s 90 degrees, a sudden rainstorm becomes a welcome respite from the heat. Comptoir Sud Pacifique Mora Bella is a dreamy tropical fragrance centered on exotic fruits of pomegranate and mirabilis. The aroma of wet white jasmine flowers mingles with soft musks as we run for cover under a palm tree.
  6. Tiffany Perfume
    Tiffany’s signature scent is as iconic as the rest of its fresh blue brand. Stylish, sassy, and flirty, Tiffany perfume is a total magnetic for attraction. Iris, Damascus rose, violet leaf, and Italian mandarin give this Eau de Parfum its distinct nature.

Masculine Blue Scents couple on swing at beach

  1. Bvlgari Aqua Marine
    Bvlgari Aqua Marine is a contemporary men’s cologne composed by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavellier in 2008. An olfactive trip to the beach, this eau de toilette spray conjures images of warm winds, blue oceans, and wet sand. Hints of cucumber and seaweed add a little green. Casual and light, it is a beautiful everyday scent and all but guarantees a stress-free workday.
  2. Versace Eros
    A constant bestseller, Versace Eros speaks to those with a flair for adventure. Kick up your carefree days with a bold blend of earthy and woody accords. Tart top notes transcend into a refreshing burst of mint, tonka bean, and geranium flowers. A rounded base of cedar, oakmoss, and vetiver seal the deal on the mystifying aroma of this scent.
  3. Nautica Blue
    Few summer colognes are as magnetic as Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette spray. Think of a flirtatious day spent near the water. Whether your dream day consists of beach or boat, adventure is bound to ensue with a spritz of this woody fragrance. Its top notes are sweet and gentle; a vivacious blend of bergamot and fruity peach immediately draws you in. Floral middle notes of jasmine and lily combine in the heart before rounding out to cedarwood and musk.
  4. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren
    Designed for the charismatic man, Polo Blue is invigorating enough to cool down any occasion. Like taking a sip of your favorite summer beverage, its crisp top notes transcend you into a warm paradise. A herbaceous middle and smooth musk base amplify the enticement. We recommend this scent for daytime wear when you need to leave a lasting impression.
  5. Angel Kryptomint by Thierry Mugler
    Bold, daring, and full of adventure is how we would best describe the Angel Kryptomint man. When a long day in the office turns into an even longer night out, spritz on this men’s cologne for a seamless transition of work to play. Kick it back – or up – with this refreshing blend of patchouli, mint, and sage.
  6. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau
    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau is a fresh start to any summer day. Mint and wormwood introduce this fragrance before blending into a misty fusion of orange blossom, sage, and musk. Don this cologne when you’re not sure where the day will take you – but you know it will be an adventure.

Refresh your summer with these blue perfumes and colognes! Shop these twelve signature scents, as well as other top-selling fragrances, right here at Fragrancex!

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