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Hauntingly Beautiful Fragrances: Halloween Perfume and Cologne

There’s something special about Halloween. Whether you’re planning to haunt your favorite spot, go out on the town in costume, or spend the night in watching horror flicks, it’s the perfect time to spritz on a new scent. This Hallows’ Eve, find a Halloween perfume that compliments your vibe.

Spooky and Sweet Halloween Perfumes

A good scare is a perfect excuse to snuggle in closer with that special someone. This Halloween, don’t forget to pick out a new fragrance. From mysterious and dark blends that are sure to enchant to sweet gourmands that will have them saying ‘trick or treat,’ these fall favorites will take your Hallows’ Eve plans to a new level.

Spooky and Seductive Scentsclose up of woman dressed up in spooky halloween costume

  1. Mississippi Medicine Cologne 
    This masculine scent by D.S. & Durga evokes dark and mysterious notes of incense, native birch tar, and frankincense. The richness is sure to wow those around you.
  2. Poison Perfume
    Christian Dior’s Poison Perfume is elegant and juicy, with a spicy hint of cinnamon. From the dark-colored bottle to the deep and subtle sweetness of the berries, it offers a warm and mysterious blend to ensure you linger in their memory.
  3. Blackpepper Perfume
    This unisex Eau de Parfum by Comme Des Garcons marries spicy and earthy accords, including tonka bean, cedar, and patchouli. The combination creates a beautiful scent that complements the avant-garde.
  4. Herod Cologne
    Parfums De Marly is behind this confident and refined blend. Herod opens with pepper wood and cinnamon top notes that energize before settling into smoky and complex accords of tobacco leaf, cedar, vetiver, and musk. The timeless fragrance notes are sure to complement any mischief you have planned.
  5. Black Opium Perfume
    Part candy, part goth. Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Perfume balances sweet and warm accords of fruit, coffee, and vanilla with a punk rock pop of patchouli and pink pepper.
  6. Ange ou Demon Perfume
    Keep them guessing with the tantalizing duality of Ange Ou Demon by Givenchy. Heavenly, flowery fragrance notes of lily, orchid, and ylang ylang are deepened by Tonka, oakmoss, and rosewood. The hypnotic perfume is versatile enough for any occasion.

Sweet Gourmand Fragrances

  1. Halloween Shot Perfume
    Halloween Shot by Jesus Del Pozo for women offers an intriguing and delectable aroma that’s sure to turn heads. The J. Del Pozo perfume opens with a fruity and nutty cocktail before settling into a caramel, vanilla, and patchouli base that’s no trick, all treat.
  2. Dark Obsession Cologne
    Dark Obsession by Calvin Klein offers a bold twist on vanilla. A spritz of this Eau de Toilette (EDT) is potent enough to last through all of your Halloween plans. Top notes of guarana and absinthe are deepened by a heart of white vetiver and fir resin, before moving into a warm base of labdanum and suede.
  3. Angel Perfume
    Sugar and spice make for a decadent blend in Thierry Mugler’s Angel Perfume. Caramel, chocolate, and honey swirl with rich berries and sandalwood for a fragrance that is as mouthwatering as candy. Plus, match your Halloween man with a spritz on Angel Amen Ultimate Cologne to take your couple’s costume to a whole new level.
  4. L. 12. 12 Noir Cologne
    This Eau de Toilette spray by Lacoste joins a unique combination of notes. Watermelon meets dark chocolate, basil, lavender, and patchouli for an unexpected olfactory experience.
  5. Organza Perfume
    Balance your sensual and delicate sides with the sweet, warm, and fresh accords of Organza by Givenchy. The scent opens with gardenia, orange blossom, and nutmeg before moving into a lush heart of floral notes and a light hint of walnut. Whatever your plans, this perfume ensures you’re unforgettable.
  6. Valentino Uomo Cologne
    If you’re hoping to end your evening with a Halloween kiss, the romantic blend in Valentino Uomo will help you make the moment. Masculine aromas of cedar and leather contrast delicious notes of chocolate, coffee beans, and hazelnut.

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