What To Do With Empty Perfume Bottles: 15 Ways To Upcycle

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We’ve all been there. You just realized you spritzed out the last bit of your favorite perfume — now what? You promptly repurchase your signature scent, but now you have a decorative glass bottle on your hands that needs to be disposed of. However, it just doesn’t feel right to throw it away in the trash.

That’s right, you don’t want to throw away your old perfume bottles because there are so many different ways you can reuse or recycle them which will benefit you and the planet. Many perfume bottles have pretty designs and features, making them perfect for reuse. Check out these tips and ideas to find out what to do with empty perfume bottles.

How Do You Dispose of Old Perfume Bottles?

When you buy perfume, you buy more than just the scent. You buy the whole experience, including the beautiful packaging and gorgeous glass bottles they come in. If you are trying to figure out what to do with empty perfume bottles, the first thing you want to do is clean it out. By disassembling and washing your perfume bottles, you can ready them for recycling or repurpose them for something new!


If you make the conscious decision to recycle your old perfume bottles, you need to find out what type of glass your local recycling accepts. Unfortunately, not all recycling centers can accept perfume bottles, but they can advise you which are acceptable and which aren’t.

An easy way to check if your perfume bottles are recyclable is to examine the bottom for a recyclable glass symbol. The bottom of your perfume bottle may have a triangular arrow symbol with a number inside of it. Here are some popular glass materials for perfume bottles:

  • 70: Clear glass
  • 71: Green glass
  • 72: Brown glass
  • 79: Gold-backed glass

Just because it has this symbol does not mean the material is recyclable; it’s an explanation of what the item is made of. From there, call your local recycling company or do your research to see if they can accept the material. If you don’t find any luck, call the manufacturer of the perfume company and see if they accept their own bottles back for recycling.

Sell or Donate

sell or donate empty perfume bottles

If your local recycling plant doesn’t accept glass perfume bottles, try selling or donating your them instead! There are many people and organizations that will happily buy or accept used or partially used perfume bottles because people who DIY or make their own concoctions are always looking for pretty glass bottles to use.

You could try posting your bottles on an online marketplace like Facebook, Craigslist or even an auction site like Ebay as rare or ornate bottles can often sell for prices up to $100. A collectors or crafters site like Etsy is also a great place to market your empty perfume bottles as buyers comb these sites to repurpose materials for crafts or collections.


If you are a crafter yourself, upcycling your old perfume bottles is a great way to extend the life of your treasured collection. There are so many different ways to repurpose your perfume bottles and turn them into practical or decorative items that will bring it new life. From refilling it with new perfume to making it a unique centerpiece at your dining table, reusing perfume bottles is a creative and environment-friendly idea.

15 Ways To Upcycle Your Old Perfume Bottles

If you are trying to figure out what to do with empty perfume bottles, try some of these unique and creative ways to upcycle your empty bottles to make them something extraordinary.

1. Use For a DIY Perfume or Room Spray

A great and practical way to upcycle your old perfume bottles is by filling them with a DIY perfume or room spray! Make an aromatherapy spray filled with essential oils and water to spray before bed. You could also do a fun craft with the kids by having them make their own perfume.

2. Turn Into a Reed Diffuser

reed diffuser

A reed diffuser is a great way to spruce up and scent a room without using candles or traditional room sprays and they’re easy to create. To make your own, fill your clean and empty perfume bottle with almond oil and 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oils or oil blend. Then add in a few reed diffusers or bamboo skewers to spread the natural fragrance all over your home.

3. Make An Oil Burner

Another way to scent your home is by making an oil burner out of your empty perfume bottle. Just pour some scented lamp oil in your cleaned bottle and add a wick to the top. To make it even more unique and pretty, try adding elements like beads or flowers. This is a great alternative to candles and will make your home smell fantastic.

4. Create a Mini Planter

Thinking of creating an indoor herb garden? Upcycling your empty perfume bottles as mini planters for your favorite herbs is cute, creative and super unique. Make sure the perfume bottles you choose have enough room to host the soil and room necessary to let your herbs thrive.

5. Make a Perfume Collection Display

perfume collection display

If you are a perfume connoisseur, try upcycling your perfume collection into a beautiful display for your dresser or vanity. Fill your empty perfume bottles with some colored water and place them on a tiered dish, mirror or other perfume display to show them off loud and proud.

6. Turn Into a Candle Holder

Using old perfume bottles as unique candle holders is a great re-use of the glass bottle. Add some taper candles to your old perfume bottles and create a soothing ambiance to any room. You can even cluster a few of these together to create a charming centerpiece for your dining table.

7. Make a Body Shimmer

Besides adding an irresistible fragrance, body shimmer really adds that final touch to your look before a night on the town. Use your empty perfume bottle to host a body shimmer you can keep for those special occasions. Just add argon or baby oil, water and a shimmering makeup like highlighter or eyeshadow to create your own!

8. Transform Into a Bud Vase

perfume bottle bud vase

Another great way to upcycle your empty perfume bottle is by turning it into a bud vase. A bud vase is really just a tiny flower vase that holds only one or two small flowers. It’s perfect for displaying a handful of wildflowers or a single magnolia in your kitchen or bedroom to fill the air with its sweet and refreshing fragrance.

9. Make a Glass Sachet

Instead of throwing your empty perfume bottle away, why not throw it in a dresser drawer or closet shelf to scent your clothes? The last few drops of your perfume will have a lingering scent that will last a long time, making it the perfect glass sachet. Insert an empty bottle of your favorite sultry perfume in the lingerie section of your drawer or place your everyday signature scent in your closet for a light and familiar fragrance on all of your fabrics.

10. Craft an Ornament

If you love to craft, a great way to upcycle your empty perfume bottle is by turning it into an ornament. You could fill a small bottle with glitter, colorful beads or flower pedals and tie a string around the neck of the bottle. If you have a glass bottle with ridges or exterior patterns, not only will it look great on a Christmas tree, but all year round! The bottle will refract lots of light which makes it a fantastic suncatcher.

11. Make a DIY Cooling Mist

diy cooling mist

There’s nothing like a gentle mist and breeze to help cool off during the hot summer months. Clean out your old perfume bottles and turn it into a cooling mist to keep handy during your beach vacation. Just fill the bottle with water and keep stored in a refrigerator for an extra cooling effect!

12. Use For Your DIY Toiletries

If you love to make DIY skincare or other toiletries, your empty perfume bottles will certainly come in handy. Try filling one with DIY insect repellent to keep the bugs away at a picnic or filling it with DIY toner to freshen up your skincare routine.

13. Turn Into a Light Feature

Turn your empty perfume bottle into a gorgeous light feature. Just clean out your bottle and place battery powered bottle string lights to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece or unique nightlight for your bedroom.

14.  Jewelry Holder

empty perfume bottle jewelry holder

Your old perfume bottle will also make a great addition to your vanity as a jewelry holder. Place your stud earrings or rings in the bottle to create  stunning and chic storage for your small pieces of jewelry. You could also hang necklaces and bracelets around the neck of the perfume bottle to keep them from getting tangled.

15. Make a Unique Terrarium

Create a unique terrarium with your old perfume bottles. All you have to do is add some soil, pebbles and a plant to bring your empty bottle back to life. This is perfect for those empty shelves or side tables that need a little extra sprucing up.

Knowing what to do with empty perfume bottles makes life a little easier for the perfume connoisseur. The bottom line is, you don’t want to trash your empty perfume bottles. Once you’ve run out, grab another bottle of your favorite perfume or look for a new signature scent by browsing through our extensive discount perfume selection. Then discard your old bottle by recycling, selling, donating or upcycling your precious glass bottles.

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