Juicy Couture Fragrance

1-20 of 20 Results
Juicy Couture Fragrance 1-20 of 20 Results
Q: Which Juicy Couture perfume is the best?

A: We can’t tell you with 100% certainty which Juicy
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Q: Which Juicy Couture perfume is the best?

A: We can’t tell you with 100% certainty which Juicy Couture perfume you’ll like best, but we can tell you which one our customers love most: Viva la Juicy. Both the most popular and most highly related Juicy Couture perfume on our website, Viva la Juicy is an aroma full of juicy fruits, rich confections, and fabulous florals. It has top notes of mandarin, peach nectar, and wild berries, middle notes
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Brand FAQs

What Is Juicy Couture Perfume?

For women who aren’t afraid to embrace every facet of what makes them unique, Juicy Couture is a perfect match. Carefree yet focused, its line of fragrances captures the many facets of femininity with its bold and enticing floral and fruity fragrances

What Are the Most Popular Juicy Couture Perfumes?

With more than 40 fragrances under its belt, it’s easy to have more than one favorite Juicy Couture perfume. Three of the most popular ones include:

Viva La Juicy Rose (2015): Flirty, feminine, sensual and energetic, it packs a delectable punch with an intoxicating mix of jasmine, peony, pear, rose and amber.

I Love Juicy Couture (2016): This scent exudes confidence and a touch of mystery with breezy yet powerful fruits, florals and earthy notes.

Juicy Couture Glistening Amber (2018): Full of seductive and mesmerizing notes, this Oriental fragrance is light yet darkly alluring with its fruity, floral and powdery composition.

What Are the Most Popular Juicy Couture Colognes?

Juicy Couture may be known as a brand for women, but it still has a few offerings for men. Regardless of who it is designed for, the same passion goes into creating a scent that captures the inner spark waiting to be unleashed.

Dirty English (2008): This dynamic scent has a boldness that is complemented by an energy that continues to be perfect for the modern man. It exudes a naughty and nice side with delectable fruits, enticing spices and seductive musk.

Are Juicy Couture Fragrances Long-Lasting?

The brand’s focus on masterfully blending fruits and florals gives every fragrance a unique and spirited aroma designed to last. Its array of seductive and tantalizing scents are known for their strong sillage and moderate to high longevity.

Looking for long-lasting scents? Explore these guides for tips on the top long-lasting scents and find out how to make your perfume last longer:

How Much Does Juicy Couture Perfume Cost?

The brand’s dedication to releasing new fragrances while still producing classics makes finding the perfect Juicy Couture scent easy. FragranceX has more than 30 options available at affordable prices from under $5 to $85.

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