1. I have enjoyed using FragranceX.com for my fragrance purchases. I am able to find products not carried in my area and i have the products delivered to me. Your prices are comparible if not better to local stores for fragrance i order for my mother. Plus i don't have to make a special trip just to purchase it. I have recommended this site to my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you.

    Larissa Verified Buyer Hermiston6/6/2008
  2. The site is easy to navigate, although it isn't the most attractive site (better a functioning website than a pretty one.) There have only been a few times I could not find the cologne I was looking for, but that's not bad for how many I end up looking to buy.

    Kyle Verified Buyer Holt6/6/2008
  3. Better experience than other sites I have used. Very quick shipping.... thank you, I will buy again................

    Roy Verified Buyer Williston Park6/6/2008
  4. My first buy on FragranceX was in November 2007. Since that occasion, I've never bought fragrances in other store otherwise FragranceX.com! The service is amazing, just like the prices and deliver. I'm from Brazil, and my packages have always been delivered in the best condition. Certainly I recommend FragranceX, my favorite superstore!!!

    Nathalia Verified Buyer Niteroi6/6/2008
  5. I am most happy with your choices and manner in which your program works. your variey of choices is good and you always carry hat I am looking for. My only wish is that you would offer lower discounts once in awhile for those customers that are loyal.

    Ann Verified Buyer San Mateo6/6/2008
  6. Ts site I would recommend to any one looking for a fragrance. You have some unique and hard to find fragrance. Your quality is as you say and your delivery time is excellent. Keep up the good work. I will order again.

    Evelyn Philadelphia6/6/2008
  7. I found this site a year ago and I find it very delightfull and I hope we will have in the future a good partnership because I am verry satisfied with your producs and also the low prices. I hope you will appreciate my fidelity. Thank you once again. Have a good day.

    Visan Verified Buyer Bucharest6/6/2008
  8. Gat value and trustworthy. More than enough options and, visibly, a very large selection. Shipment was received fast. Would like to see more descriptions of products, including ingredients of fragrances and a reference guide for what ingredients present which fragrance.

    Jason Verified Buyer Whistler6/6/2008
  9. Gorgio of Beverly Hills Ocean Dream was my favorite all time cologne and I cant buy it in the stores anymore and when a friend sent me your website and said my cologne was on it.. I was THRILLED and I will CONTINUALLY buy it from you!!!

    Janis Verified Buyer Gilbert6/5/2008
  10. I've been buying from your site for years and have never been dissappointed. I will continue until you give me a reason not too! Thanks!

    Diane Verified Buyer Riverside6/5/2008