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Best Annick Goutal Perfumes
| 9 min Read

15 Best Sweet Perfumes For Women 2023

This article was updated and republished to reflect the best and most popular sweet perfumes of 2023.  Sweet fragrances might conjure up images of cotton...

Best Long Lasting Perfumes & Fragrances
| 8 min Read

11 Best Long Lasting Perfumes & Fragrances 2023

One spritz and done with these incredible perfume options that last all day. Republished in 2023 to reflect the trendiest long-lasting perfumes for women. We...

vintage perfume bottle next to a string of pearls, lace fabric, and an antique box
| 3 min Read

Why Vintage Perfumes Are So Hot

What is a vintage perfume? Why are they so in demand? Vintage perfumes, like vintage fashion bring back memories of exact moments in time, and...

an abundance of perfume bottles sitting on dried up rose petals with pink flowers in the background
| 2 min Read

Perfumes That Celebrities Really Love and Wear

Your favorite celebrity may have their own fragrance brand, but they are also fans of perfumes that don’t have their label or they don’t endorse....

attractive woman in black hat and black strapless dress spraying her neck with perfume
| 3 min Read

Best Cult Perfumes of 2023

How does a fragrance achieve cult status? For starters, whether designer, luxury, celebrity or niche, it has to have thousands of obsessive fans talking about...

| 7 min Read

9 Best Arabic & Middle Eastern Perfume Houses (and Their Best Fragrances) 2023

Arabic perfumes might just be the most decadent in the world. Each scent designed by one of these popular fragrance houses is a work of...

man in white unbuttoned dress shirt spraying cologne on neck
| 2 min Read

Pheromone Perfumes: Scents of Attraction

  “Did you know, women are more influenced by how a man smells than how he looks” @darkpyschformen Pheromones are olfactory markers that are as...

Best lemon perfumes of all time
| 7 min Read

9 Best Lemon Perfumes for Women 2023

Smelling fresh is easy peasy lemon squeezy with these scents for women. Updated in 2023 to reflect the trendiest lemon perfumes this year.  We all...

best perfumes of all time
| 21 min Read

The 50 Best Perfumes Of All Time

Few moods can compare to the uneasiness that comes from feeling less than confident about the way you smell. Save yourself the stress, and never...

best french perfume brands
| 11 min Read

16 Best French Perfume Brands (and Their Best Fragrances)

Let’s take a walk through some of the best French perfumes and their makers, Amour. Impeccable French style doesn't end when you step outside the...

Woman looking in mirror with quote hanging
| 4 min Read

30 Perfume Quotes to Hang On Your Mirror

When many people think about beauty, fashion and fragrance, they feel empowered and inspired. After all, when you look (and smell) good, it’s easy to...

best pheromone perfumes
| 10 min Read

15 Best Pheromone Perfumes of All Time

Have you been looking for the best pheromone perfume? The power of women’s pheromone perfume is hard to replicate. While some fragrances may offer a...

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