Father’s Day Scents for Every Type of Dad (+ Father’s Day Printables!)

image of Father’s Day Scents for Every Type of Dad (+ Father’s Day Printables!)

When it comes to Father’s Day, finding the perfect gift can be tough. These men deserve to be celebrated every day, so picking out a present that suits them and recognizes all they’ve done for their kids is no easy feat.

Gifting cologne is a great way to show appreciation for all that the father figure in your life has done for you. Whether you’re blood-related or not, there’s the perfect scent for every type of dad out there — so we did the matching for you!

Read on to see what best matches your dad’s personality to a scent. To ensure a well-rounded Father’s Day for all, we’ve included other gift suggestions that fit his personality and can be DIYed by the whole family. Don’t forget to download the matching printables!

The Foodie Dad

This dad has a serious penchant for all things food. He makes Instagram-worthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and loves doing it. He views feeding his family as his way of taking care of them, and wants them to have the best homemade meals they can.

He can often be found at a fancy grocery store shopping for a new recipe, tinkering with marinades at the grill, flipping through cookbooks for inspiration or checking on his homemade sourdough starter for the thousandth time.

Scent Match: Gourmand

The foodie dad puts his heart and soul into his cooking, so he deserves to have an appropriately paired scent. Gourmand scents traditionally have notes of food and other ingredients — like chocolate, coffee or even honey.

Gourmand scents pair well with an afternoon spent preparing a barbecue feast to be enjoyed under the sunset, surrounded by loved ones.

Gift Ideas

Every foodie dad deserves a gift collection worthy of his talents in the kitchen. This collection features items that highlight his signature gourmand scent, plus some tools he can use to create his next culinary masterpiece. Mix and match one, two or all three of these gifts to create the ultimate Father’s Day present he’ll be able to use time and time again.

1. Rochas Man Cologne

This cologne is the perfect gift for any foodie, highlighting gourmand notes of coffee, mocha and vanilla. Other notes include lily-of-the-valley, raspberry, bergamot and patchouli. Gift this for the foodie dad to make an impression on date night, at the office, in the kitchen or anywhere in between.

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2. Bottle of Wine

What pairs best with a nice meal? A nice wine, of course! Depending on your dad’s tastes and what kind of meals he likes to cook the best, peruse the wine aisle (or ask a consultant) carefully. This way, you’re sure to find the perfect bottle that he can crack open with Father’s Day dinner, on another special occasion or simply on a Tuesday night.

3. Punny Apron + Card

No matter how old you are, you can likely count on your dad for one thing—always having a terrible “dad joke” up his sleeve. Help him join his groan-inducing puns and his talents at the stove by gifting (or screen-printing) a custom apron that features one of his best (or worst) jokes. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • “Hi, hungry! I’m Dad.”
  • “The GrillFather”
  • “Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons.”

What better pairing for your punny apron than a punny, food themed card to tie it all together? Check out this printable option—just print on cardstock, fold and sign!

The Athletic Dad

This dad has always been in tip-top shape. Whether his druthers are running, biking, weight-lifting, playing a sport or hitting the elliptical before work, he loves being athletic and healthy. He wants to be in the best shape possible so he can keep up with his kids, and lives for family runs or playing catch in the backyard.

Most often, you can find this dad lacing up his running shoes, training for his next marathon or coming up with some wacky combinations for his daily protein shake. When he’s not buzzing about or biking a casual 50 miles, he still lives for competitions — whether it’s on TV or at family game night.

Scent Match: Fresh

This dad needs something he can rely on every day to help him feel clean and refreshed after a workout. This makes fresh or clean scents, like linen, ocean air or rain, ideal for the athletic dad.

These scents are perfect for after a shower, after a sweaty workout or when he dresses up in something other than athletic shorts for a night out.

Gift Ideas

To match the never-ending energy of the athletic dad, here are three different gift ideas to get you started on the ideal Father’s Day for him. This features a fresh cologne he can throw in his gym bag, along with two other athletic accessories he’ll be excited to start using right away.

1. Light Blue Eau Intense Cologne

A modern take on a fresh cologne, this scent combines a salty marine accord with notes of citrus, including frozen grapefruit and mandarin. Finishing with a musk and amber wood finish, this is the perfect fragrance to have in his gym bag or for freshening up for a night out.

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2. Personalized Water Bottle

What better way to remind your athletic dad of how much you care than with a personalized water bottle? This is something that he can keep in his gym bag, at the office or with him when he’s exercising that will keep you close to mind.

There are hundreds of routes you can take with this DIY option  — you can make a sticker out of his name, out of an inside joke or decorate with stickers and decals of some of his favorite brands, stores and local haunts. Express the essence of your athletic dad with a water bottle that is his very own!

3. “#1 Dad” Baseball Cap + Card

Nothing screams “athletic dad” more than a spirited baseball cap! Help him show the world what his favorite profession is with a “#1 Dad” cap he can sport on hot summer days. This doesn’t have to be store-bought; it can be a blank white cap you buy at a craft store, then decorate with the whole family to keep you near and dear to your father or father figure.

Once the cap is complete, don’t forget to add in a card that will perfectly capture the essence of the athletic dad with some athletic puns!

The Outdoorsy Dad

This dad would eat, sleep and work outside every day if he could. He is at his happiest when he’s doing anything outdoors — be that camping, having a picnic, hiking or just sitting under the stars. He loves that nature is always changing, and wants to protect the earth and the environment to be around for the generations of his family to come.

He can most often be found prepping for a hike, driving with the windows down, joking about building himself an outdoor shelter so he can always be outside or sitting on a patio or in an outdoor space. When he’s reigned indoors for longer than an hour, he loves bonding with his family and friends in distraction-free environments, or watching adventure TV shows and movies.

Scent Match: Woodsy

It should come as no surprise that the best scent pairing for the outdoorsy dad is a fragrance that replicates the great outdoors. This is a scent he can use when he can’t be out scaling a mountain or breathing in fresh air, and features prominent notes of amber wood, sandalwood, cedar and other woodsy elements.

Scents like these pair best with a chill dinner on the patio or when he needs to freshen up after driving to work with the windows down.

Gift Ideas

Though there are few physical things this type of dad wants, there are a few things you can gift him that will make this Father’s Day one to remember. This features a body wash and cologne gift set he can use to freshen up and always be reminded of the smell of the outdoors, plus a printable he’ll be honored to use to spend some quality time together.

1. Escape by Calvin Klein Cologne Gift Set

When it comes to personal or grooming products for the outdoorsy dad, you’ll want to go with something he can rely on for a number of different occasions. This makes the Escape gift set the perfect gift, coming with an eau de toilette spray and after shave balm in matching scents.

With an organic, natural collection of scent notes, including balsam fir, rosemary, oakmoss and sandalwood, this fragrance perfectly bottles up the best parts of the outdoors in one perfect scent. This is sure to become his new go-to for barbecues, days at the office, after hikes and everywhere in between.

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2. Pocket Notebook + Field Guide

If the outdoorsman in your life makes observations of the wildlife he encounters wherever he goes,  help him keep his notes (and thoughts) together with a pocket notebook he can keep with him on all of his adventures.

This is a great gift to add some personalized touches to. Whether you take a generic pocket notebook and add some customized flair, splurge on a monogrammed notebook or add some new pages to their existing one, this is a great way to add some personalization to Father’s Day.

3. Quality Time + IOU Coupons

What this dad wants can’t be bought at any store — he really wants to spend uninterrupted, quality time with his loved ones in the outdoor spaces he loves best. This makes the gift of quality time in the form of IOU coupons one of the best gifts you can give!

Check out our variety of printable “IOU” coupons, and don’t forget to add in a personal touch and fill out your own!

The Creative Dad

Sensitive, artsy and free-spirited, this dad is left-brained and proud of it. He’s in his element when doing anything creative, be that tinkering with some tools, poring over a new book, scoping out local artisans or completing the daily crossword puzzle. He invites the whole family to share in finding creative outlets, as he wants his family to be able to do any and everything they set their minds to.

On a typical day, this dad can be found doing any number of atypical activities. No day looks the same to the creative dad, as he’s always picking up new projects and hobbies, from photography to puzzles to mastering the perfect pollinator garden.

Scent Match: Citrus

A light, unique scent, citrus is the perfect match for the creative dad. These scents are energizing and powerful, which is what this dad strives to be like for his family.

These scents commonly feature notes of lemon, grapefruit, lime or bergamot. Though these are impressive smelling scents, they can be understated and not overwhelming.

 Gift Ideas

While it may seem like the creative dad is impossible to shop for as he switches interests on a dime, there are a few items that are sure to be the perfect gift for this dad. Along with a cologne that prominently features his scent match and a printable story for the whole family to complete together, this Father’s Day will be a creative one to remember.

1. Eternity by Calvin Klein Cologne

Prominently featuring notes of mandarin orange, lemon and bergamot, this cologne bottles the best of citrus notes while not being too overpowering. With supporting notes of basil, jasmine, coriander, lavender and Brazilian rosewood, this is an exciting fragrance that will match the creative spirit of this dad.

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2. Puzzle Coffee Table Book

This dad is always looking for new ways to keep his mind active, so a book chock-full of new puzzles, brain teasers, crosswords and other ways for him to be creative at home makes a great gift. You can design your own, or choose from plenty of store-bought options that are sure to keep him occupied for many weekday nights to come.

Plus, making this a coffee table book is an easy way to make these puzzles interactive with guests and other family members! Encourage whoever solves the puzzle to sign and date it, so that it becomes a family memoir for years to come.

3. Interactive Fill in the Blank Story

This dad likely has an impressive library — so this Father’s Day, gift him with a story he’s never read before! Sans dad, have the whole family put together a Mad Libs- styled story starring your dad. When you’re done, create an artistic cover or even frame it so he can display his family’s creativity to the world.

To get started, print off these sheets and start the family fun!

The Professional Dad

This dad hustles hard for his loved ones, and might need a gentle reminder to relax on  Father’s Day. He is very practical, professional and prides himself on working hard to get to where he is. Though he may miss dinner to stay late at the office a few nights a week, he wants to provide the best possible life for his loved ones.

This dad is in his element when he’s at work, doing what he does best. He has an impressive collection of workwear, and can switch from “dad mode” to “boss mode” at the drop of a hat. Though he’s a hard worker, that never means he’s too busy for his family. On the weekends, he can be found catching up with his family or taking it easy with a drink while letting his kids win during family game night.

Scent Match: Green

This dad needs something that will add a little kick to long days at the office, without being too overwhelming. This makes earthy green scents the perfect match for the professional dad—interesting without being overpowering, and it doesn’t hurt that it may help him feel grounded and peaceful on days that might seem never-ending and stressful.

This scent features notes of leaves, grass, woody accords and incense — all of the best things about earthy green scents with a slightly masculine touch.

Gift Ideas

Find the perfect gift for the professional dad below, featuring his matching scent as well as some other gift inspiration. This dad may lean into the more practical and professional side of things, but that doesn’t mean his Father’s Day presents can’t be playful.

1. Light Blue Cologne by Dolce & Gabbana

This is an ideal office scent, being subtle enough for everyday wear but able to be amped up for an evening out. Combining notes of oakmoss, rosemary, rosewood, juniper and bergamot, this is a unique fragrance that is perfect for the professional dad.

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2. Desk Decorations

Whether he works in an office or at home, every working dad can use something to liven up his working space. Whether this is a family photo in a hand decorated- frame, a “Boss Dad” name plate or a pencil cup decorated by the whole family, this is a chance to add some flair to an otherwise corporate-looking desk. Be sure what you’re doing won’t be too distracting or inappropriate, and then get creative!

3. Craft Beer + Printable Beer Label

Though he works hard, remind him to take it easy with a selection of some local, craft beer he can enjoy on a summer evening, after a long day or while enjoying a family movie. Mom can handle the purchasing of the beer, and kids can help make this a personalized, family gift by decorating printable beer labels to attach to the bottles.

Check out our selection of printable Father’s Day themed labels to attach to his craft brew selection! Be sure to use adhesive paper to apply these labels.

No matter which type of father or father figure you have, remember to celebrate all that makes them unique this Father’s Day. Whether they fit into one, two or all of these categories, a scent that matches their personality and other thoughtful gifts will show them how understood and loved they truly are.

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