| 2 min Read

Mysterious, Magnetic Scents to Make You Feel Like a Dark Academia Character

Dark academia is an aesthetic primarily defined by, well, academia, specifically boarding school and college. Think mahogany furniture, worn-out rugs, quiet libraries and an underlying...

Best Pear fragrances
| 2 min Read

The Best Pear Fragrances To Make Your Day Juicier

There's nothing more delicious than a perfectly ripe pear. The fruit, which is at its most flavorful during the fall, is delightfully sweet but not...

fragrances surrounded by back to school elements
| 3 min Read

6 Fragrances to Make You Feel Like You’re Back on Campus

Pencil shavings, cozy wool sweaters, a quiet library filled with old leather-bound books, a fresh notebook waiting to be filled with notes and daydreams or...

Fall Dates and the perfect fragrances to pair them with
| 3 min Read

8 Fall Dates and the Perfect Fragrance to Pair With Them

  This autumn, expand your aromatic horizons by pairing these delicious, sexy and romantic scents with some go-to fall dates. The date: A trip to...

What Fragrances Would the Characters of And Just Like That Wear
| 4 min Read

What Fragrances Would the Characters of “And Just Like That” Wear?

I couldn't help but wonder what perfume does Carrie Bradshaw wear in the new movie Just Like That ? Which fragrances decorate Charlotte York-Goldenblatt's pristine...

| 3 min Read

The Biggest Fashion Trends of Fall 2023 — and the Scents to Pair With Them

If you're anything like us, you're more than ready to swap summertime shorts and sundresses for cozy sweaters, long coats and boots as soon as...

Blue Mediterranee perfume bottles By Acqua di Parma, aromas of fig and myrtle
| 4 min Read

The Best Fig Fragrances to Take You From Summer to Fall

People who love figs really love them, and the same goes for fig-centric scents. If you're a fan of this adorable, complex little fruit either...

| 3 min Read

Get in an Autumn State of Mind With These Apple Scents

Let's go apple picking! A trip to the apple orchard is practically mandatory once fall rolls around, but if it'll be awhile until you can...

A close-up of a perfumer at her desk
| 3 min Read

5 Female Perfumers You Should Know

J'Adore. Trésor. Fracas. Pleasures. What do these perfume heavy-hitters have in common? They were all developed by female perfumers! While perfumery has historically been a...

Davidoff Cool Water
| 4 min Read

8 Popular 80s Perfumes and Colognes You Should Know

When you think about the 1980s, you probably think big: big hair! Big shoulder pads! The '80s were all about excess and maximalism, and that definitely applies...

Metal tray with perfume bottles on table
| 5 min Read

10 Historical Fragrances to Know — and Why They’re So Important

Whether you're a longtime fragrance expert or a total newbie just beginning your journey into this aromatic world, you're probably familiar with some of the...

Fantasy Perfume By Britney Spears
| 4 min Read

The Best Britney Spears Perfumes Ever

Britney Spears is one of the giants of the celebrity fragrance world. The musician and memoirist launched her first scent, Curious, in 2004 and has...

| 3 min Read

What is Aromachology?

Picture yourself in a crowded shopping mall. As you wander between the stores, your five senses are in overdrive — and that includes your nose....

Glow Perfume By Jennifer Lopez
| 4 min Read

The 10 Best Celebrity Fragrances of All Time

While you may not be a celebrity, you can definitely smell like one! It's hard to imagine a world without celebrity fragrances; though stars occasionally released their...

Burberry Brit Sheer Perfume By Burberry
| 4 min Read

Lighten Up Your Fragrance Rotation with a Sheer Scent

Picture this: You're in a luxurious, spacious, all-white hotel room, relaxing with a book as bright morning light filters beautifully through the sheer white curtains....

Christian Dior Miss Dior perfume on a white surface
| 5 min Read

The 10 Best Dior Fragrances for Women and Men

Ahh, Dior. Just the name conjures visions of perfectly tailored 'New Look' dresses, dramatic couture gowns and the kind of elegance you can only find...

blonde woman showing the skin her her showing and smiling for the camera
| 5 min Read

8 Skin Scents That Feel Like a Lazy Weekend Day in Bed

Close your eyes and imagine hugging someone you love. What do you smell? Sure, they may be wearing perfume, hairspray or lotion, but your love...

The Woman in Me by Britney Spears
| 3 min Read

What to Know About Britney Spears’ Forthcoming Memoir, “The Woman in Me”

Britney Spears: award-winning musician, dancer, perfumer and now, published author! Spears is gearing up for the release of her much-anticipated memoir, The Woman in Me, this...

Luxury perfume with fresh natural scent for men, glass fragrance bottle on dark pebbles in nature
| 4 min Read

The Best Vetiver Fragrances to Add a Smoky Finish

When you're craving something green, woody and perhaps a bit smoky, there's nothing like vetiver to satisfy your senses. The grass has been used for...

| 4 min Read

The Best Coconut Perfumes of 2023

Nothing says "summer" like the aroma of coconut, but if you think coconut is exclusively for sunscreen scents and dessert concoctions, think again! The fruit...

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Eau Intense
| 5 min Read

The Top 10 Dolce and Gabbana Fragrances

Since their eponymous perfume hit shelves more than 30 years ago in 1992, Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has become a true fragrance force....

Bottle of essential oil and fresh bananas on color background
| 4 min Read

The Best Banana Fragrances of 2023

When you think of fruity fragrances, banana probably isn’t at the top of your list, and there’s a reason for that. Fruit-forward scents tend to...

Margot Robbie as Barbie
| 4 min Read

Go Full Barbiecore With These Barbie-Inspired Perfumes

Picture this: You're visiting Barbie at her iconic pink Dreamhouse, and she's invited you into her dressing room. You sit down at her (pastel pink)...

Beyonce's New Perfume
| 2 min Read

Here’s Everything to Know About Beyoncé’s Upcoming Fragrance

Get your perfume shelf ready, because Beyoncé is coming for the crown. The music legend just teased her forthcoming fragrance and based on the the...

A beautiful blonde girl in a red beret holds a small bottle in her hand and sprays perfume
| 4 min Read

What is Dopamine Dressing and How Can You Do It With Fragrances?

Sometimes all it takes to turn your mood around is a change of clothes — or a spritz of scent! That’s the idea behind dopamine...

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