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These Perfumes for Sagittarius Are So You…

The perfect scents for all those adventures types out there 

Sagittarius perfumes are some of the most fun for any zodiac sign. Why? Because Sagittarius’ are risk takers. They tend to be independent and spontaneous, but also sharp, intelligent, and refined. All of these traits make any Sagittarius scent exciting.

These perfume horoscope choices won’t fit in everywhere, but for moments that call for something bold, these are fantastic selections.

Keep reading for a look at some of the best Sagittarius scents you can find.

1. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 Perfume for Men and Women By Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge 540 offers powerful projection and strength. It leaves its mark in a bold way, but because the ingredients are top notch it comes off sophisticated, never nauseating. Baccarat Rouge 540 is fresh and crisp with notes like jasmine, amberwood, cedar, and saffron.

This Sagittarius perfume for women works well after dark for a date night — or in a boardroom when you want your presence to be felt. 

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2. Tom Ford White Suede by Tom Ford

Tom Ford White Suede Perfume

This perfume for Sagittarius’ is one of Tom Ford’s most popular. It oozes sex appeal. This isn’t a scent for a wallflower. It’s on the heavy side, so it’s best to save White Suede for warmer months and, because of the mix of spicy, powdery, leather, and musky notes, it’s a scent that works best for off-duty outings.  

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3. Boss The Scent  by Hugo Boss

Boss The Scent Perfume By Hugo Boss

This spicy aromatic Sagittarius perfume for men is great for those looking to be bold, but still have something easy-to-wear at their fingertips. While there are some adventurous notes in the leather family in Boss, there are more approachable notes, like ones like Mandarin orange, bergamot, and lavender, as well which work to balance this scent and make it a year-round go-to.

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4. Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Cologne By Viktor & Rolf

This spicy Sagittarius fragrance for women performs well in terms of projection and sillage. It also lasts long. Most impressively, however, it’s well balanced with delicate sweet notes to balance out the bolder ones, all of which have worked to make Spicebomb an instant classic. This is a masculine scent that won’t go unnoticed. 

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If there’s one defining trait of Sagittarius’ it’s being adventurous, meaning it only makes sense for Sagittarius’ to get their scents at a discount with FragranceX (if we do say so ourselves!). Bold scents don’t tend to be versatile enough to wear everywhere, so you always want to shop wisely. With that said, anyone looking for a risk-taking, but sophisticated Sagittarius perfume that will leave a mark, can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list. 

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