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20 Best Prada Perfumes and Colognes Of All Time

When you think of luxury fragrance brands, Prada almost certainly comes to mind. It was inevitable that Prada would release some of the best perfumes and colognes on the market, with over a century under its belt as an iconic Italian fashion house. Since the release of its first perfumes in 2004, Prada has released more than a dozen fragrance lines. Here’s a comprehensive list of the best Prada perfumes and colognes so that you can find the perfect scent for you

Best Prada Perfumes

1. Prada Candy  

Prada Candy Perfume

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Candy was created by Daniela Andrier was one of the most memorable launches 2011 and is among the world’s bestselling gourmand perfumes. With its golden caramel halo and rumored 12% overdose of addictive benzoin (3-4% is usual) Prada Candy is soft and sensual, and its golden aura is wrapped around a flirty core of vanilla, musks, honey and caramel. The Prada name is playfully colored gold on a pink label that encircles the chic bottle. The packaging showing an illustration of fashionable young woman dancing won a Fragrance Foundation Award in 2012.

2. Prada Amber  

Prada Amber Perfume

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Prada Amber was composed in 2002 is considered a classic and sets itself apart with the unique and matchless aroma of deep amber which is rich and resinous, set like a golden jewel in a mélange of bitter orange at the top before settling on a beautiful base of light and dark musks. Nighttime is the right time for this Prada perfume

3.  Prada Candy L’Eau 

Prada Candy L'eau Perfume

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 L’Eau is a lighter fresher version of Prada Candy. It is an effervescent re-orchestration of the original gourmand structure. The glazed caramel and benzoin have been lifted with fizzy citrus notes, sweet pea other florals. Impressive longevity and a real compliment getter,

4. Prada Candy Night

Prada Candy Night Perfume

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 If the devil really wore Prada, she would surely leave a trail of Candy Night.  Rich tonka bean blends with orange, chocolate, and iris notes to create the potent profile that sweet and sultry. This gourmand has gourmand with remarkable longevity and is best worn for evening

5. Prada Infusion d’Iris  

Prada Infusion D'iris Perfume

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Iris is one of the costliest ingredients to harvest and Prada’s powdery floral Infusion d’Iris composed by Daniela Andrier is a super hit and easy to wear. The balance of neroli, benzoin and incense make it a modern classic. Luxurious, but lovely, Infusion d’ Iris is suited for any occasion. Chic, alluring and sensual it has excellent longevity and can be worn all year long.

6. Prada Infusion de Rose  

Prada Infusion De Rose Perfume

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A delightful bouquet of soft roses surrounded by green dewy leaves.  Rose Infusion de Rose is the perfect fragrance for any rose scent lovers. With Damask and Bulgarian roses, this is a fresh young rose, with hints of creamy vanilla which are combined with the aroma of clean musk. It is a carefree and a welcome addition to any fragrance collection. It works well for both work and weekends.

7. Prada Candy Sugar Pop  


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A citrus laden version of Candy, but with a twist of green fruits, Sugar Pop is sweet and fresh at the same time. The mix of peach and vanilla blend beautifully with apple and top notes of green bergamot to give Candy Sugar Pop its delicate appeal. A light and airy ‘candy’ perfume for daytime and when the weather is warm.

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8. Prada Candy Florale 

Prada Candy Florale Perfume

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Candy Florale is a fresh combination of fruity, sweet and floral notes including ripe white peach, musky rose, juicy pear, and sweet vanilla adds a gourmand touch. A lovely fragrance for day time and can be worn winter, spring, summer and fall.

9. Prada Candy Kiss 

Prada Candy Kiss Perfume

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Pure and passionate, just like a memory of your first kiss, this gourmand vanilla swirls around orange blossom at the top. A melange of dark and light musks add depth and sensuality, yet this perfume is playful and flirty. A lingering musky trail takes you from morning to evening. 

10. Prada Tendre 

Prada Tendre Perfume

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Fresh and clean Prada Tendre uses citrus and to balance woody cedar. A fresh take on Prada Amber, it is less sweet and greener with sandalwood oil patchouli leaves at the base. Suitable for day wear or anytime you want to feel like you are outdoors.


Best Prada Colognes

11. Prada Luna Rossa

Prada Luna Rossa Cologne

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A classic in the Prada fragrance lineup, Luna Rossa is a captivating scent that combines freshness and elegance. With a blend of lavender, bitter orange, and spearmint, this cologne exudes a sense of energy and sophistication, making it perfect for any occasion.

12. Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

Prada Luna Rossa Carbon

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This modern and edgy fragrance from Prada is a unique blend of metallic notes and refreshing citrus. Luna Rossa Carbon features top notes of bergamot and pepper, balanced with heart notes of lavender and coal. Its distinctive and long-lasting aroma is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

13. Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean

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Inspired by the power and beauty of the ocean, Luna Rossa Ocean captures the essence of marine freshness. With notes of bergamot, grapefruit, and sea accord, this invigorating fragrance evokes a sense of freedom and adventure. Ideal for those who seek a refreshing and aquatic scent, Luna Rossa Ocean is a must-have for summer.

14. Prada L’Homme L’eau

Prada L'homme l'eau

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L’Homme L’eau is a refreshing twist on the classic L’Homme fragrance from Prada. This cologne offers a lighter and more invigorating composition with notes of ginger, neroli, and amber. Its clean and masculine aroma is perfect for everyday wear, leaving a trail of sophistication and confidence.

15. Prada Amber

Prada Amber Cologne

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Prada Amber is a timeless and luxurious fragrance that showcases the brand’s signature elegance. With a rich blend of amber, patchouli, and vanilla, this oriental scent exudes warmth and sensuality. Prada Amber is an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated and captivating fragrance for special occasions.

16. Prada Olfactories Heat Wave

Prada Olfactories Heat Wave Cologne

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As the name suggests, Heat Wave from the Prada Olfactories collection is a bold and intense fragrance that captures the essence of summer. With notes of ginger, neroli, and sandalwood, this scent evokes a sun-soaked beach and tropical vibes. Prada Olfactories Heat Wave is perfect for those who crave a unique and evocative fragrance experience.

17. Prada Olfactories Day for Night

Prada Day for Night cologne

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Day for Night is a captivating fragrance from the Prada Olfactories collection that transitions seamlessly from day to evening. With notes of iris, neroli, and patchouli, this sophisticated scent exudes elegance and allure. Day for Night is a versatile cologne that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

18. Prada Olfactories Tainted Love

Prada Tainted Love Cologne

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Prada Olfactories Tainted Love is a seductive and mysterious fragrance that combines floral and woody notes. With a blend of tuberose, oud, and patchouli, this scent creates an intoxicating aura that is both alluring and captivating. Tainted Love is the perfect choice for those who seek a unique and daring fragrance.

19. Prada Olfactories Nue Au Soleil

Prada Nue Au Soleil Cologne

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Nue Au Soleil from the Prada Olfactories collection is a warm and sensual fragrance that evokes the feeling of sun-kissed skin. With notes of orange blossom, tuberose, and vanilla, this scent exudes sensuality and elegance. Nue Au Soleil is a sophisticated and irresistible fragrance for those seeking a touch of luxury.

20. Prada Olfactories Purple Rain

Prada Purple Rain Cologne

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Adding a touch of whimsy and mystery to the Prada Olfactories collection, Purple Rain is a mesmerizing fragrance that transports you to a dreamy and enchanting world. With notes of iris, ylang-ylang, and vetiver, this scent captures the essence of a rainy day infused with vibrant purple hues. Purple Rain is a captivating and unconventional fragrance choice that allows you to embrace your unique style and personality.

Prada Perfumes and Colognes – In Conclusion

Throughout its history, Prada has collaborated with renowned perfumers and designers, including Daniela Andrier, Miuccia Prada, Carlos Benaim, and Antoine Maisondieu, to create its distinctive fragrances. Prada’s perfumes and colognes often feature a combination of classic and contemporary elements, incorporating high-quality ingredients and innovative scent profiles. Today, Prada continues to be a prominent name in the fragrance industry, known for its refined and sophisticated creations that reflect the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and luxury. With a diverse range of fragrances for both men and women, Prada offers a selection that caters to various tastes and occasions, cementing its position as a go-to choice for individuals seeking elegant and distinctive scents.

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Leanna Serras is a well-versed fragrance writer with a passion for perfume. She has loved trying new perfumes since she was a child, and has tried everything from fruity to woodsy fragrances in her time cherishing scents. Outside of her love for writing and collecting perfume, Leanna enjoys fashion, skincare, “the Bachelorette,” and kicking back on the beach.

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image of Leanna Serras
Leanna Serras

Leanna Serras is a well-versed fragrance writer with a passion for perfume. She has loved trying new perfumes since she was a child, and has tried everything from fruity to woodsy fragrances in her time cherishing scents. Outside of her love for writing and collecting perfume, Leanna enjoys fashion, skincare, “the Bachelorette,” and kicking back on the beach.

More Articles from this Author

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