30 Best Winter Fragrances for 2020

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From chestnuts roasting on an open fire to hot chocolate by a crackling fireplace, winter is a time for romance and relaxation. Winter scents are often spicy, romantic and warm — perfect for a night in with loved ones watching snow fall. Most wintertime scents are Oriental, recalling seductive and spicy notes of woods, amber and vanilla; some, though, choose to incorporate contrasting florals for added flavor. 

We’ve rounded up 30 classic winter scents for both men and women to help make your season bright.  

Best Winter Perfumes for Women

Best Winter Colognes for Men

Best Winter Perfumes for Women

Combining woodsy, romantic and sweet elements, these perfumes are sure to make any woman feel ready to relax and enjoy the day by the fire.

1. Eternity by Calvin Klein  

Price: $93 for 3.4 oz. 

A perfume designed to be timeless and romantic, this perfume emulates the feeling of watching snow fall with a significant other. The intimacy and depth of this floral scent makes it perfect for the wintertime. 

Top notes: Freesia, mandarin, sage

Heart notes: Muguet, white lily, marigold, narcissus

Base notes: Patchouli, sandalwood, amber

Best for: A romantic woman who wants to appreciate the simple joys of life and love. 

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2. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Eau de Toilette

Price: $122 for 3.4 oz. 

A fragrance equivalent to being surrounded by a comfortable blanket, Cashmere Mist is perfect for relaxing daytime wear. This light perfume is composed of citrus and floral elements that transform into earthier, musky accords, making this light perfume a perfect choice for a relaxing winter. 

Top notes: Bergamot
Heart notes: Jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, suede
Base notes: Musk, sandalwood, amber, vanilla

Best for: A woman who wants to relax with her loved ones to celebrate the season.

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3. Chanel Coco Noir

 Price: $135 for 3.4 oz. 

Winter means warmth, sensuality and mystery. This Oriental scent combines sensual florals with warm earthy notes, creating a scent that is intriguing and bold — and perfect for the winter. 

Top notes: Tobacco leaf, spices
Heart notes: Tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao
Base notes: Dried fruits, wood

Best for: A sensual woman who wants to enjoy winter’s romance.

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4. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum

Price: $126 for 3 oz.

Black Opium is a sensual and warm scent that invokes the romance of the wintertime with notes of coffee and vanilla. This scent is perfect for anyone who wants to spend the wintertime living boldly. 

Top notes: Pink peppercorn, orange blossom, pear
Heart notes: Coffee, jasmine, bitter almond
Base notes: Vanilla, cedar, cashmere wood

Best for: A sensual and bold woman who wants to enjoy winter’s warmth. 

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5. Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue

Price: $140 for 3.4 oz. 

This perfume strikes a balance between sweet vanilla and woodsy moss, making it the perfect scent for a cozy winter day watching snow fall on the trees. With sweet notes mimicking marshmallows and cinnamon in hot chocolate combined with outdoorsy ones, this scent is a winter Sunday in a bottle. 

Top notes: Amber
Heart notes: Jasmine
Base notes: Vanilla

Best for: A sentimental woman who wants to relax and enjoy the finer things.

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6. BVLGARI Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum

Price: $146 for 3.4 oz. 

A sophisticated woody fragrance, Jasmin Noir balances light and dark notes to create an intriguing perfume that emulates both cool winter mornings and late winter nights. With sweet, gourmand elements mixed in, Jasmin Noir encapsulates the wintertime feeling. 

Top notes: Gardenia
Heart notes: Almond, jasmine
Base notes: Tonka bean, licorice, amber, patchouli, musk

Best for: A woman who isn’t afraid to show off her complexity. 

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7. Tom Ford White Patchouli 

Price: $184 for 3.4 oz.

Combining the earthy scent of patchouli with sleek wood and elegant white flowers, this powerful perfume is adventurous and bold white remaining elegant and beautiful. 

Top notes: Bergamot, coriander, peony, white flowers
Heart notes: Rose, jasmine, ambrette
Base notes: Patchouli, incense, wood

Best for: An adventurous woman who wants to reflect the serenity of a mountaintop. 

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8. Tom Ford Metallique

Price: $195 for 3.4 oz. 

By combining floral scents with the earthier, cozier notes of sandalwood and vanilla, Tom Ford has managed to make a floral perfume perfect for winter. This perfume celebrates the beauty of winter and can also transition into spring. 

Top notes: Bergamot, pink peppercorn
Heart notes: Lily-of-the-valley, heliotrope
Base notes: Musk, balsam, vanilla, sandalwood

Best for: A happy woman who wants to celebrate life.

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9. Hermès Twilly d’Hermès Eau Poivrée

Price: $134 for 2.8 oz. 

This warm floral perfume prefers bolder, stronger flowers, contrasting it to a summery floral scent. Combining the scents of rose, berries and peppercorn, this perfume is so perfect for winter that the bottle even has a ribbon tied around it to mimic an Hermes scarf.

Top notes: Pink peppercorn
Heart notes: Rose
Base notes: Patchouli

Best for: A bold woman who prefers the elegance of winter.

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10. Lancome Maison Oud Bouquet 

Price: $208 for 3.4 oz. 

Oud Bouquet combines sensual rose with woody balsamic accords and a gourmand note of praline, creating a romantic but comfortable scent that perfectly embodies the season. 

Top notes: Saffron, rose
Heart notes: Oud, vanilla
Base notes: Praline

Best for: A woman who wants a perfume to wear while baking sugar cookies before  going out on the town.

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11. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir

Price: $178 for 2.4 oz. 

Embodying elegance, this perfume is inspired by a formal night in Paris, watching the stars shine in the sky. Celebrate the feeling of elegance, boldness and beauty of the wintertime with this elegant scent. 

Top notes: Labdanum, benzoin
Heart notes: Tonka bean, vanilla
Base notes: Amber

Best for: A formal woman who wants to embody magic and elegance

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12. Aerin Amber Musk Perfume

Price: $235 for 3 oz. 

The holidays are a time to enjoy romance, comfort and adventure. This feminine scent combines the earthy and mysterious musk with the seductive and romantic rose, creating a perfume that is good for both curling up by the fire and hitting the slopes for a romantic vacation. 

Top notes: Ambox, coconut water
Heart notes: Rose, benzoin
Base notes: Sandalwood, musk

Best for: A sweet, romantic woman who wants to spread joy.  

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13. BYREDO Rose Noir

Price: $265 for 3.4 oz. 

This scent takes the classic smell of a rose and darkens it with earthy tones, creating something mysterious and dark enough to perfectly complement the wintertime. For a woman who wants to smell intoxicating and mysterious while remaining feminine and sensual, this scent is a must. 

Top notes: Cardamom, freesia, grapefruit, red berries
Heart notes: Lily-of-the-valley, raspberry, rose damascena, violet, jasmine
Base notes: Moss, musk, patchouli, cistus labdanum

Best for: A classic woman who enjoys just a little bit of mystery. 

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14. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Price: $340 for 3.4 oz. 

A spin on a classic tobacco perfume, this scent combines smoky, bold scents with sweet notes of vanilla, cocoa and dry fruit. This sophisticated perfume is bold and sensual while still being comforting and familiar. 

Top notes: Tobacco leaf, spices
Heart notes: Tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla, cacao
Base notes: Dried fruits, wood

Best for: A modern woman who wants a complex, bold and alluring perfume.

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15. Le Labo Musc 25 Eau de Parfum

Price: $480 for 3.4 oz. 

Centering around the earthy notes of musk and patchouli, this scent knows when to add a little spice and when to turn up the simple warmth. Subtle yet powerful, this perfume is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay casual yet alluring. 

Top notes: Patchouli, musk, vetiver
Heart notes: Lily-of-the-valley, cedar, rose
Base notes: Ambergris

Best for: A simple beauty who wants a similarly discreet, yet inviting fragrance.

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Best Winter Colognes for Men

Typically smoky, bold and sensual, men’s wintertime fragrances are sure to please and add a bit of flavor to the winter months. Shop all woodsy cologne.

16. Vince Camuto Virtu Eau de Toilette

Price: $82 for 3.4 oz.

A masculine yet romantic fragrance, this eau de toilette is perfect for any man looking to embrace the warm romance of the cold winter months. Perfect for a dinner date or outing, this striking cologne is sure to turn heads. 

Top notes: Cardamom, peppercorn, papyrus
Heart notes: Tree moss, white birch, vetiver
Base notes: Cedar, leather, musk, sandalwood

Best for: A sophisticated man looking to embrace the romance of wintertime. 

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17. Montblanc Explorer Eau de Parfum

Price: $98 for 3.4 oz.

An ode to a day on the summit of a mountain, this fragrance is perfect for an adventurous man who likes to live life on edge. Calling on wintery scents of amber, lush woods and patchouli, men who love to hit the slopes are sure to turn heads with this cologne. 

Top notes: Bergamot, pink peppercorn, clary sage 

Heart notes: Leather, vetiver 

Base notes: Patchouli, cacao

Best for: A daring man who is always looking for his next adventure. 

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18. Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men

Price: $98 for 3.3 oz.

The ultimate spicy Oriental fragrance, The One For Men encapsulates the key elements of a wintertime fragrance: it’s bold, warm, sensual and spicy, with a little bit of sweetness. Using classic wintertime scents like ginger and cinnamon, combined with wood and citrus notes, this dynamic cologne is perfect for any man.  

Top notes: Grapefruit, coriander, basil
Heart notes: Cardamom, ginger
Base notes: Tobacco, amber and cedarwood

Best for: A timeless man who wants to smell nostalgic, warm and comforting.

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19. Men’s Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum

Price: $99 for 3.4 oz.

This fresh, warm cologne combines woodsy notes with bold scents like patchouli and spices. With an ode to the wintery smell of cinnamon combined with a woodsy feeling, this scent is perfect for a cozy winter day. 

Top notes: Fresh tarragon, spicy cinnamon
Heart notes: Rich patchouli, aromatic lavender
Base notes: Woody amber, smoky vetiver

Best for: A classic man who wants to celebrate the traditional elements of winter. 

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20. Versace Eros Flame

Price: $102 for 1.7 oz.

Those looking for a little warmth in the midst of winter need look no farther than this spicy scent, which combines citrus elements of orange and lemon with black pepper, patchouli and oakmoss. A bold and dynamic fragrance, this cologne is sure to inspire confidence. 

Top notes: Lemon, mandarin orange, black pepper, rosemary 

Heart notes: Rose, geranium 

Base notes: Cedar, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, oakmoss

Best for: A bold man who wants a fragrance to match his striking personality. 

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21. Guerlain Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum 

Price: $125 for 3.4 oz.

Created in 1965, Habit Rouge was the first Oriental fragrance for men. This bold and sensual scent combines the intense notes of leather and woods, then contrasts them with a cold and warm vanilla. The result is an unexpected and daring perfume that pays homage to the intensity of winter. 

Top notes: Basil, bergamot, lemon, rosewood
Heart notes: Carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, cedar
Base notes: Labdanum, leather, amber, benzoin, oakmoss, vanilla

Best for: A daring man who wants a scent that matches his appreciation of life.

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22. Lalique Encre Noire 

Price: $125 for 3.4 oz.

The woodsy, dark scent is perfectly masculine. Combining the woody notes of vetiver and cypress with earthy notes of musk, the scent is a dark and grounding fragrance that is perfect for the wintertime. 

Top notes: Cypress, vetiver
Heart notes: Haitian vetiver, bourbon vetiver
Base notes: Cashmere wood, musk

Best for: A mysterious man who wants to tell a story with his scent.

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23. Hermès Terre D’Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver

Price: $133 for 3.4 oz.

Combining earthy and spicy elements, this fragrance invokes the sensuality of the wintertime with a bold and dynamic scent. The fragrance contrasts cold winter weather with a warm and spicy smell, making it perfect for any man who wants to light up a room.  

Top notes: Bergamot, grapefruit, lemon
Heart notes: Geranium, pepper
Base notes: Vetiver, amberwood, patchouli

Best for: A bold man who wants to light up every room he walks into. 

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24. Acqua di Parma Colonia Pura

Price: $170 for 3.4 oz.

Beginning with light, citrusy notes that are reminiscent of a crisp winter morning then evolving into woody notes that burn like a log on the fire, this cologne is perfect for anyone who wants to embody a peaceful winter’s day through scent. 

Top notes: Lavender
Heart notes: Myrrh
Base notes: Tonka bean

Best for: A dynamic man who wants to embody all parts of a beautiful winter’s day.

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25. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Price: $184 for 3.4 oz.

Winter is all about intensity, so bold scents typically work best. Tom Ford Noir Extreme is a bold Oriental scent that recalls notes of amber, wood and vanilla to create a bold, dark and sweet scent perfect for a winter’s day. 

Top notes: Mandarin, neroli, saffron, nutmeg, cardamom
Heart notes: Mastic, rose, jasmine, orange blossom
Base notes: Woods, amber, sandalwood, vanilla

Best for: A traditional man who wants a bold scent for nights out on the town in the wintertime. 

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26. Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Bean Cologne Intense

Price: $195 for 3.4 oz.

Myrrh is a classic wintertime scent, with a deep sweetness that is reminiscent of treacle and plum. This cologne takes this classic winter scent and combines it with warm almond and vanilla notes, creating a perfume that is inviting and classic.

Top notes: Lavender
Heart notes: Myrrh
Base notes: Tonka bean

Best for: An elegant man who wants to personify the holiday season. 

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27. Arquiste El Cologne

Price: $195 for 3.4 oz.

Though this scent was inspired by a sweat night in Acapulco, its dark and spicy notes are also perfect for winter. With earthy notes of oakmoss and rosemary combined with spicy notes of cardamom and cinnamon, this cologne is perfect to remind you of summer while being perfect for winter.  

Top notes: laurel leaves, sage, rosemary, geranium 

Heart notes: cardamom, cinnamon, orange flower water, black buckwheat honey 

Base notes: patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, castoreum 

Best for: A man who wants to show off his masculine and adventurous side. 

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28. Diptyque Tempo Eau de Parfum

Price: $180 for 2.5 oz.

This cologne pays homage to all things patchouli, a strong scent that is earthy, enveloping and endearing. A scent that pays homage to the more rugged sides of winter while remaining elegant, Tempo Eau de Parfum is perfect for an outdoorsy man looking for his next winter adventure. 

Top notes: Patchouli, maté, clary sage, violet

Heart notes: Violet leaf, orris, cognac, russian leather accord

Base notes: Fir balsam, birch tar, oakmoss, animalic musk accord 

Best for: An outdoorsy man who wants to enjoy winter walks and outdoor activities. 

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29. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Price: $340 for 3.4 oz.

Elements of leather recall the rugged and elegant darkness of the wintertime, making this fragrance an excellent choice for a winter scent. Combined with jasmine and black suede, the classic scent of leather becomes lighter and sexier while still remaining classic and bold. 

Top notes: Saffron, raspberry, thyme 

Heart notes: Olibanum, jasmine 

Base notes: Leather, suede, amber, wood 

Best for: A man who is looking for excitement, beauty and boldness in both his personal life and his scent. 

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30. Creed Silver Mountain Water

Price: $415 for 3.4 oz.

Inspired by streams running through the snow-capped Swiss Alps, this fragrance aims to embody the serenity, peace and beauty of a snowy mountain range. Instead of dark wintery elements, this scent focuses on the light aspects of sun shining on snowfall. 

Top notes: Bergamot, manderin, neroli 

Heart notes: Green tea, blackcurrant 

Base notes: Sandalwood, musk 

Best for: An adventurous and happy man who wants something simple, bold and exciting. 

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Wintertime is all about romance, comfort, warmth and togetherness. With your scent, you can choose to embody these ideals and tell your own story through your fragrance. 

No matter what winter scent you choose, FragranceX offers a large collection of discount perfumes and colognes. 

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