The Valentine’s Day Flower, Wine and Perfume Pairing Gift Guide You Need

image of The Valentine’s Day Flower, Wine and Perfume Pairing Gift Guide You Need

An exquisite hand-tied bouquet of fragrant blooms. A crystal atomizer filled with the signature scent of a classic perfume. An artfully aged bottle of vintage wine.

Individually, any one of them would make a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Given together as a curated collection that weaves all their fragrances, colors and flavors together will totally sweep your Valentine off their feet.

Sounds like a spectacular idea, right? But who has the expertise to pull off this extraordinary flower, fragrance and wine combination? You do — with a little help from us. Here are our top 10 perfectly paired Valentine’s Day gifts.

Flirty and Fun

Not too serious and delightfully sweet, this Valentine’s gift trio is infused with the relaxed playfulness of wild strawberries, daisies and bubbles that are as sparkling as her personality.

  • Gerbera Daisy Bouquet: The simple freshness of these bright spring blooms will delight even the most down-to-earth Valentine.
  • Marc Jacobs – Daisy: Fresh and floral, this feminine fragrance is as elegant as it is enchanting.
  • Sparkling Wine – Splendia Fragolino Strawberry Passion: This light, delicate and fruity sparkling blend is a great way to end a romantic dinner for two.

Make It a Date: If it’s warm, plan an afternoon picnic at a local park. If it’s cold, lounge in front of your fireplace where you can enjoy a light meal or finger foods as you sip on sparkling wine and enjoy the simple pleasure of just being together.

Essence of Elegance

For the Valentine who embodies the rare combination of restraint and exuberance, this romantic gift package pairs some of spring’s most classic blooms and fragrances with a delicately refined wine designed to impress even the most discerning recipient.

  • Iris, Peony and Lilac Bouquet: The classic structure of spring irises combined with the exuberant look and heady fragrance of peonies and lilacs make a refined statement of lasting love.
  • Lancôme – La Vie est Belle: An unforgettable scent that combines the elegance of irises with the passion of patchouli and the indulgent sweetness of praline.
  • Gewürztraminer – Hugel Gewürztraminer: Aromatic and intense, this clean and crisp varietal invigorates the senses with a juicy splash of fresh pear that goes well with Thai, barbeque or even upscale wings.

Make It a Date: Time to splurge. Rent an ultra-luxury sedan or go all out and rent a vintage classic and turn heads as you motor to your favorite upscale restaurant.

That’s Amore

Immerse yourselves in the romance of Italy with the sweet fragrance of roses and the lingering scent of fresh lemons that will remind her of your alfresco Valentine’s dinner long after your night of romance ends.

  • Lemon Drop Rose and Misty Blue Limonium Bouquet: A gorgeous profusion of blazing yellow rose blossoms is complemented by the cool blue tones of dozens of branching heads of frothy limonium flowers.
  • Dolce & Gabbana — Light Blue: Floral, fruity and fresh with the breezes of the deep blue sea, this fragrance features the scents of lemons, jasmine, white rose, bourbon vanilla and cedar.
  • Pinot Grigio — Conte Priola Pinot Grigio: Crisp and delicate, this dry white wine features refreshing citrus flavors that pair well with hors d’oeuvres and seafood.

Make It a Date: Stay home and take your cues from the ultimate Italian food movie, Big Night (1996). If you’re a cook, spend the afternoon with your love making the movie’s signature timballo meal or whip up a simple sausage and pepper baked ziti. Then, settle in to watch the movie starring Stanley Tucci, Minnie Driver, Ian Holm, Isabella Rossellini and Tony Shalhoub on your favorite streaming service.

Dark and Mysterious

Lovely, dark and deep, this bold collection evokes velvety notes of violets, black cherries and magnolias that will appeal to a Valentine who enjoys creating a sense of mystery.

  • Ranunculus, Violet and Dahlia Bouquet: Show her you know her by surprising your sweetheart with a vase of deep red dahlias and brilliantly colored ranunculus blossoms accented by delicate dark purple violets.
  • Calvin Klein – Euphoria Blossom: Dripping with the fragrance of ripe plum, blackberry, grapes and black cherry, this intense scent settles quickly and then lingers in a warm embrace.
  • Pinot Noir – C. Donatiello Maddie’s Vineyard Pinot Noir: This dark red wine features the scent of ripe red cherries and pairs well with roast chicken, light pastas and various cheeses.

Make It a Date: For a date unlike any other, make a reservation at a dark dining restaurant (to find one, simply search for ”dark dining” and your city online). Once ushered to your table in complete darkness, you’ll enjoy a meal  in a unique environment where the sense of sight is removed in order to heighten your other senses, such as scent, touch and taste.

Sweet and Sassy

Take a chance on creating a unique gift package that’s perfect for a Valentine who keeps you guessing with an intriguing combination of sweetness and a kick of spice.

  • Hyacinth Bouquet: Their heady scent and bold upright structure mean that hyacinths need no other flower accompaniment to make a strong statement of unique individuality.
  • Chanel — Chance: Filled with vitality and energy, this classic but unexpected floral scent shimmers with notes of spicy pink pepper, sensual jasmine and rich amber patchouli.
  • White Wine — Galena Cellars Jalapeno Wine: Infused with serrano and jalapeno peppers, this sweet white wine comes with a slightly spicy kick that pairs perfectly with cheese appetizers.

Make It a Date: Forget the typical dinner and a movie date and move the action to a casino where you can spin the roulette wheel of fortune, try your luck at blackjack or take on the craps table (skip the slot machines).

In many states drinks are free and casinos typically feature an upscale restaurant where you can celebrate your winnings.

A Many Splendored Thing

When it comes to love, she’s complicated — but in a good way. If it seems like every day reveals another awesome aspect of her personality, this is the gift package for you. Filled with delightful tastes, scents and surprises, these recommendations will let her know that you absolutely love everything about her.

  • Orchid Bouquet: Representing a desire for romance and gentleness in a relationship, these graceful, long-living plants and their exquisitely formed blooms reflect the multifaceted beauty of everlasting love.
  • Viktor & Rolf — Flowerbomb: Simple at first, this signature scent slowly reveals the sensual fragrances of jasmine, freesia flowers and rose petals enriched by patchouli and vanilla.
  • Rosato — Graci Etna Rosato: Produced in Sicily, this elegant rosato features a kaleidoscope of red cherry, raspberry, licorice, tobacco and sweet spice flavors that go well with seafood or fresh burrata.

Make It a Date: Experience the dazzling variety of the world of exotic flowers and plants by spending an afternoon exploring a world-class conservatory or botanical garden. Check out this list of the Best Botanical Gardens in the United States and plan a day trip or a weekend away.

The Orient Express

Rich, exotic and peppered with the essence of precious treasures found along the Silk Road, this selection of gifts offers an ideal combination of sensory pleasures for the Valentine who has a passion for life.

  • Casa Blanca Oriental Lily Bouquet: Singularly stunning in a simple crystal vase, these elegant bowl-shaped, milky-white flowers feature an intense exotic scent.
  • YSL — Opium: Rich, deep and spicy, this entrancing fragrance evokes the essence of romance with the scent of bergamot, cloves, coriander and plum. A sensual heart accord includes sandalwood, patchouli, peach and rose.
  • Red Blend — Languedoc Domaines Barons de Rothschild Lafite Château d’Aussières: This subtle blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes seduces the senses with an intense spicy aroma, rich oak flavors and a long fruity finish.

Make It a Date: Get in touch with body, soul, mind — and each other by attending a candle-lit romantic couples yoga class together. Available in most cities, these beginner sessions often feature relaxing guided meditation and massage as well as gentle moves that will stretch your muscles, refresh your spirit and bring you closer in surprising new ways.

Sophisticated Spring

Finesse is the secret to this gift trio’s success. A salute to sophistication and subtlety, this package of beauty, fragrance and wine whispers sweet nothings in a voice that speaks to her uniquely refined sensibilities.

  • Quicksand Rose Bouquet: Understated and elegant, this arrangement features champagne-colored roses with hints of pink on the edges, mottled lenten rose blossoms and cream lisianthus.
  • Vera Wang — Embrace: Light notes of rose bud in this inviting scent give way to the rich fragrance of vanilla for a subtle yet sophisticated scent.
  • Chardonnay – Bouchard Finlayson Missionvale Chardonnay: Drink in the aroma of perfectly modulated oak followed by the teasing bite of exotic spices, hints of wood smoke and vanilla.

Make It a Date: Cozy up to the hot new trend of craft distilleries that are popping up all over states like California, Colorado, Oregon, New York and Texas.

Pop in for a pre-dinner custom cocktail mixing class or tasting and explore the world of sophisticated spirits. Many permit you to bring your own bar snacks or appetizers that will complement the drinks and keep you from getting too tipsy.

Herbal Essences

Create an experience perfumed with the unmistakable scent of a flowering herb that signifies purity, devotion, serenity, grace and calm with a gift combination. This trio will appeal to the Valentine who is in love with the natural world.

  • Lavender and Mint Bouquet: For a love that’s a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy, this unique herbal bouquet featuring two heady spring fragrances will be an unexpectedly earthy Valentine pleasure.
  • Bogetta Veneta — Knot: Evoking the iconic lavender fields of Provence this lavish fragrance features the region’s signature scent as well as peony and mandarin that dance together to create a sweet warm scent.
  • Grenache – Comando G La Bruja de Rozas Garnacha: Grown from grapes in Spain’s Sierra de Gredos region, this rich, herb-scented red goes great with French bistro or British pub fare.

Make It a Date: Say ahhhhh to the pleasures of an upscale couple’s spa visit. Many spas offer Valentine’s Day packages that will treat you both to relaxing or invigorating massages, sea salt soaks, hot stone treatments and more.

Choose services that incorporate essential oils to coordinate with your gift theme of herbal essences.

Orange Crush

Sweetness and heat are two sides of the same coin in this extravagant package that features a sensory overload of vibrant colors, sexy scents and a splash of freshly squeezed orange. An ideal delight for the Valentine who has it all going on.

  • Juicy Rose Bouquet: Set her heart on fire with a clutch of hot pink roses, orange spray roses and orange carnations accented by blurplum, lily grass and pittosporum.
  • Roberto Cavalli — New: Perfect for a breezy summer evening, this sweet orange blossom fragrance is enriched by notes of jasmine and vanilla.
  • Moscato — Bryn Mawr Vineyards 2018 Innovation Series Amber Rosé: Delicate and expressive, this sweet orange wine’s flower, honey and sunny citrus flavors complement Asian fare and fruit desserts.

Make It a Date: You could watch online romantic interludes together, but a better idea is to go old school and retire to the bedroom after dinner to read erotic stories to each other.

Pick up a copy of Anais Nin’s Little Birds for a variety short sexy literary selections or check out some of these other erotic options and see where things go.

See something that sounds like the perfect experience? Catch the scent of a limited-time discount on today’s most popular fragrances and classic scents that never go out of style in time for Valentine’s Day giving.

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