Benefits of Rose Water

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Rose water is a liquid byproduct of the rose plant, usually Rosa damascena — or the Damask rose. The name spawns from the plant’s origins in Iran, though it is now heavily cultivated in India, Turkey, Bulgaria and other areas of Europe. 

The plant was originally used by ancient Persians for its health and beauty benefits (in addition to religious uses). The multitude of positive side effects have given the rose, in some eyes, the certification of a miracle food. 

Due to the plant’s high vitamin, antioxidant and healthy sugar properties, the benefits of rose water range from skin hydration to calming frizzy hair. A natural, go-to medication for the common cold as well, rose water can be used as a daily supplement. 

Here, we’ve compiled the most prevalent uses of the ancient remedy. While it is important to consult a doctor should health concerns arise, rose water can be a potent addition to anyone’s beauty routine. 

Besides tasting delicious, here are 11 health and beauty rose water benefits:

  1. Produces Anti-Inflammatory Effects

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    Rose water has been used to soothe the eyes and calm inflammation. The plant boasts a high volume of phenolic compounds within its makeup, making it a good option for comforting and calming irritated skin. 

    Phenolic compounds are commonly found in herbs and dietary plants and are thought by some to have cancer-preventing properties. Thus, phenolic compounds are an important part of any beauty routine due to the antioxidants they hold.

    In addition to drinking rose water, look for lotions or other creams that have rose water extract. These products can be a superb way to proactively enhance skin health and effectively manage inflammation.  

  2. Helps Maintain the Skin’s pH Balance

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    The measure of how acidic or basic a water-based solution can be is measured on the pH scale. The average pH of human skin is 4.7. Typical tap water is usually in the range of pH 6.7 to 8.8, which can lower the pH of the skin. 

    Rose water, with an average pH of 5.0, mitigates this change. Using a spritzer to spray the skin with rose water can help lower the average pH of your outermost skin layer. This keeps skin looking healthier, younger and helps keep it shining. 

    The best way to implement this into your beauty routine is to simply keep a spritzer bottle of rose water in your bathroom. After a shower, spray your skin with a light layer of fluid — the rose water will decrease your skin’s pH and act as a natural perfume at the same time. 

  3. Hydrates the Skin

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    For centuries, rose water has been used to beautify and strengthen the skin. As a water-based solution, rose water applied directly to the skin or consumed orally also provides healthy hydration to the skin. 

    In addition, rose water is full of hydrosol, or distilled plant water. Hydrosol is found in many other natural beauty products – especially plants. Benefits range from reducing excess oil in the skin to keeping the skin hydrated. Because of this, plant-based mixtures with high hydrosol content, like rose water, are permeating into the beauty market. 

    A great tip? Instead of splashing cold water on your face in the morning, keep a bottle of rose water next to your sink. Spritz yourself when you wake up to stay fresh and hydrate your skin before you even start the day.

  4. Boosts Mood

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    A sound body often makes for a sound mind. In fact, mental wellbeing can have a direct impact on physical health and beauty. Just like taking steps to see fewer wrinkles or lose weight, staying on top of your mental health should be an important part of your beauty routine. 

    Research has found a link between rose water and mood stabilization. Extracts secreted from the petals of rose plants have been found to have light mood-enhancing benefits. In addition, rose water contains neuroprotective properties, meaning a bit of rose water can keep you smiling and glowing for longer in life. 

    If you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, try adding rosewater to your tea or coffee. Not only will you get a caffeine boost from your daily drink, but the flavonoids in rose water will help create an enhanced feeling of alertness. 

  5. De-frizzes and Strengthens Hair

    a lady with nice hair next to a rose

    Frizzy hair is a common occurrence for women and men alike. The cause of this annoyance is what experts refer to as “hair weathering.” When hair is exposed to harsh conditions, the result is a lack of moisture. If left untreated, this may lead to eventual hair loss. The benefits of rose water can help.

    The liquid helps keep hair saturated with its natural chemical makeup. In short, hydrocarbons helps keep hair strong and coated in natural coatings – meaning harsh conditions have less of an effect on your “do.”

    To keep hair healthy and under control, carry around a small spray bottle of rosewater to use when you start to get frizzy. Keeping rose water on hand is especially helpful in hot, dry climates, as this environment can make the frizz worse.

  6. Contains a High Vitamin C Content

    two drinks made of rose water

    Vitamin C is one of the most abundant organic compounds found in rose water. When it comes to beauty and overall health, this vitamin is about as influential as it can get. Aiding in blemish treatment, cell recovery (from skin to nail cells), UV protection, skin hydration and wrinkle prevention, the restorative properties of vitamin C make it essential to not only a beauty regime, but to general health as well. 

    Fortunately, rose water can drastically help increase one’s vitamin C intake. This makes it a viable option for anyone looking to boost their vitamin C. 

    Drops of rose water in tea, juice or water can help keep you hydrated and give you the  additional punch of vitamin C your body needs to stay beautiful. Drink a bottle of rose water-infused H2O each day to boost your health. 

  7. Soothes Inflamed Throats

    a tea pot with a tea cup full of roses

    When rose petals are turned into water or syrup, the concentrate can posses soothing effects that calm inflammation — particularly in the throat. 

    Originally used by Native American tribes to help ease the sore throats of young children, the serum is a natural way to help get you back on your feet. Throat puffiness and inflammation can be uncomfortable and put a damper on your beauty routine. 

    If you start feeling like you have an inflamed throat, mix rose water and rose syrup into your favorite hot tea. While this isn’t a cure for the cause of your sore throat, it’s a good way to alleviate pain while waiting to see a doctor who can prescribe appropriate medication.

  8. Relieves Digestive Discomfort 

    two wine cups with roses in them

    Researchers believe that one of the first uses of rose water was to ease digestive and menstrual pain. Because of the flower’s high antioxidant content and other healthy amino acids, rose water can help alleviate stomach pains and cramps. 

    Bloating and cramps are painful and can limit your daily activities. While it is not a cure-all when it comes to these ailments, rose water is a good antacid to add to your arsenal. The liquid has also been known to act as a mild laxative. 

    If you’re going to be eating something that repeatedly causes bloating or indigestion for you, put rose water in your drink. This can help prevent the onset of stomach pain and also curb it should the pain arise. 

  9. Opens the Respiratory Passages

    different containers with rose water in them

    Researchers have found that rose water can help counteract coughing fits and ease lung stress induced by citric acid. Rose water can open the airways, making it easier to exercise and stay comfortable. Using rose water may improve fitness and prevent illness, making it a go-to for highly active individuals who want to stay looking and feeling fit. 

    Before a workout, add some rose water to your drink of choice. This will open airways so your workout flows smoother and lasts longer. Especially on hot days, rose water infusion can help you stay out on the trails longer and look good throughout your hike. 

  10. Creates Calming Effects

    two vases of roses

    When sniffed, rose water can help produce a calming effect. This will ease stress and let you focus on a task at hand – or help you relax after a long day. Much less potent than alternatives like cannabidiol (CBD oil), rose water is thought to possess analgesic properties. These properties can alleviate bodily stress, enhancing your glow and keeping you fresh.   

    Right before bed, drink some rose water to help you ease you into sleep and help make sure you’re well rested for the next day. The better sleep you get, the more your body can repair itself and build restorative functions – keeping you looking good day and night. 

  11. Aids Oral Health

    a mirror with roses next to it

    Scientists have found that rose water can be used as a mouthwash. Primarily used to induce its calming effects, the serum can also help with gum and mouth health. Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of rose water can strengthen gums and be used as a treatment when the gums are inflamed.

    In the morning or before bed, swish rose water around in your mouth. Rose water can be a great alternative to mouthwashes that may be high in unnatural chemicals while leaving a pleasant taste and strengthening gums in the process. 

How to Use Rose Water

One of the most appealing parts of rose water is that it can be infused into many different products. From lotion to water, the liquid can be added to your favorite beauty go-to’s for an extra blast of health and freshness. 

Here are some ways to incorporate rose water into your beauty routine. 

  • Eye cleanser: Douse a cotton ball with rose water and rub on your eyes for a soothing effect.
  • Body lotion: Add a few drops of rose water to lotion and apply to yourself to hydrate the skin.
  • Conditioner: Instead of traditional conditioner, scrub your hair with rose water post-shampoo.
  • Makeup remover: Add drops of rose water to a makeup-removing wipe to infuse the cleanser and exfoliate the skin.
  • Acne treatment: Add lemon juice and rose water together at a 1:1 ratio to combat acne outbreaks.

Rose water has been used for centuries across the world for its many health benefits. Originally used by ancient civilizations, the plant extract continues to supplement health and beauty routines around the world. In addition to the beneficial side effects of rose water, the taste and smell are the perfect addition to your beauty routine. To find a good scent to match your new beauty go-to, shop our floral perfumes and find a perfect combo. Our personal favorites are Rose Absolue Perfume by Annick Goutal, Rose Amazone by Hermes, and Cool Water Sea Rose by Davidoff.

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